Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Calf #6 and Gardening

Today has flown by. Last night, one of our older cows was standing off by herself. Todd says we'll have another calf by morning. And we did. (I did go out to check about 10:30 last night - but she was hidden way back in the corner and all I could see with the hunting spotlight was 2 eyes)

We still don't know if it is a boy or a girl yet. Todd tried to get in there this morning to check - and she 'bout ate his lunch (I really wish it had been light enough for the video camera - would have made a good momento). So we will try again tonight when he gets home, maybe. No sense in getting tossed if we don't have to just yet. Although I am glad she has good mamma instincts.

I was able to get about 4 feet away from the calf this morning (with 4 strands of hot wire inbetween her and I) but she didn't like it.

Then Tyler and I went to his doctor's appt for his follow up for his tonsils - those suckers were 9.4 grams, and each was the size of a golf ball. No wonder the kid had a hard time talking and eating. His adnoids were 1/2 inch bigger than golf balls.

Then it was work in the garden time this afternoon - last year we had put down black plastic to try and help with weeds - well, if Todd is going to rototill it this weekend (it was way to wet last night) so I can move my blackberries, all that had to come up. What a pain (we have a nifty little contraption that will bury the edges under dirt, but that just means it's that much harder to pull up in the fall/spring).

Now I'm just waiting for Jessie's bus to come, we will quick eat dinner (probably hamburgers) and Tyler will go to soccer practice for an hour, and then we will run Jessie to Girl Scouts. I was going to skip both of these tonight and go to my parents' house for dinner, but my Mom isn't feeling well, so - they can go to their various activities.

It's 55 degrees and sunny here with a little bit of wind. The rest of the cows are out enjoying the sun, and I saw one of the horses stretched out taking a nap about an hour ago.

Hope everyone had a good day and lots of sunshine!!



jacquie said...

Sounds like busy times on the farm. I got bunches of weeding done today. It was high 60's and beautiful sunshine!

Philigry said...

that is so exciting about the cow! i have always wanted to live on a farm! it is all so intersting and inspiring.
I saw you tagged me! I will have to post about it soon!

Granny Lyn said...

Thanks for the calf update, maybe I brought on that last calf with me ?'s. :-)

The wee ones (Jessie & Tyler, not the cows) seem to be dealing with the tonsils and the leg pretty well, wish I could bounce back that quick!!
thanks for sharing,