Saturday, April 19, 2008

Road Trip!!!!

What a wonderful trip we took yesterday to Green Vista Water Gardens. And I am so in love with water gardens now - even much more so than before. The store was in Springfield, Ohio (close to Dayton) - 2 1/2 hours away. We left right after both of our girls got on their respective buses, and hit the road.

Once there, they had about 10 different display ponds. We walked around, looked at fish, looked at plants and DREAMED. Here are some of their display ponds:

I am not a big fan of formal ponds like this (above) - but I am a HUGE fan of these 2 little boys - Tyler and Hunter (Hunter has the red hair).

Pondless water fall (above).

These ponds are more my style.
We ended up coming home with 4 pots of flowers, some underwater oxygenating plants, and Kellie brought her new pump and filter system. The plants - we each brought 2, figuring they were so big, we are going to divy them up tomorrow (Sunday when I help her clean out her pond and get her new pump and filter up and running) and then we will each have 4.

Tyler was such a good little boy - he just went along for the ride, but he did say on the way home he wants his own water garden pond.

And I didn't buy a single fish - I have probably way more fish than I actually should in my little pond, so until we build another one (hopefully sometime this summer) I decided I had better not add to the fish population here on the farm. For anyone who is interested, water gardens are so much easier to maintain than flower beds. I spent about 2 hours cleaning mine out the other day, and now it will only take me about 15 minutes a week to maintain it - and there is no weeding involved.

My own little pond - after it's cleaning:)

I did get some really, really good ideas and now can hopefully spend this weekend moving flowers around in my water garden and around it in my regular flower beds. But first, I have a little boy who has a soccer game, and I need to go buy a new leaf rake today so I can finish cleaning out the rest of my many flower beds seeing as how I broke mine 2 years ago chasing some stray dogs who were chasing the horses.

Hope everyone has a sunny weekend!!



jacquie said...

I've always wanted a water garden. Did you all do this yourselves? Do the fish do ok in the winter? Oh, sorry about that, my mind is buzzing with questions. I think I need to read more about it! Have a great week.

jacquie said...

Oh, forgot to tell you, I haven't forgotten that you tagged me. Well, actually I did, but I cleaned and found the note I made to remind me.'s the airhead in me!

Tristin said...
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Tristin said...

Your water garden is beautiful- I hope one day I can get into gardening and beyond, but as for now I can't even keep up with weeding my landscaping!
I wanted to let you know that I am now blogging daily, but to a new blog at I am using my old blog (We Laugh Everyday) now to host the recipes I link to. Hope you enjoy the new stuff! I am enjoying catching up with your blog/farm/etc.

Philigry said...

oh, that sound slike fun! i am with you, i like the organic looking ponds so much better!

sugarcreekfarm said...

How pretty! I'd like to have a little pond someday. Hmm, sounds like a good 4-H Horticulture project for one of the girls :)

Granny Lyn said...

I just love your little pond and your foot bridge, too! My auntie has one kinda like it and her fish survive the freezing every winter, do yours?

thnaks for sharing!