Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What I Did Today

This is my last day off with Tyler:( Tomorrow he is going to go to preschool if all continues to go well through the rest of the day (he is bored silly here at home with Mom), but I have gotten lots done so far:
I finally started my seeds (before running out of peat pellets to fill up a tray - I will swing through somewhere tomorrow and get more peat pellets to finish up):

I planted 45 sauce tomatoes, 3 cherry tomatoes, 4 beefsteak tomatoes, parsley, dill, oregano, paprika and cilantro. After I get more peat pellets I will plant pepper, eggplant, cabbage and lots and lots of lettuce plants.

I cleaned my house (which I am so not showing pictures of)

And I turned this:

Into this:

So I don't have to store my clothespins like this any more (the original clothespin bag I had died a quick death last summer, so most of the pins have been on the lines):

Amazingly, it took 5 minutes, it's cute and it hangs really nice and it holds lots and lots of clothespins. All I needed was a wooden hanger and a vinyl tablecloth. I could have probably used a metal hanger or plastic, but I wanted it to have some weight so it doesn't fall off the clothesline.

I have also made 1 trip to take Jessie to school and Tyler to see his teacher and go to the library to get some movies, and I am leaving here shortly to make 2 trips to go ingredients to make a batch of cattle feed this weekend. Unless I think my Durango can haul 750 lbs. - but since Todd specifically told me to make 2 trips, I'm pretty sure that it will need to be 2 trips.

Then Tyler and I took a walk in the woods:

This is about 1/2 of our pond at the far end of our property - in the summer when it's really dry it's nothing more than a deep mudhole, but the geese come faithfully every spring. One of these days, maybe, we'll clean it up, dig it deeper and enjoy it. . . when there isn't so much other stuff to be doing!

And we looked at the fish in my water garden pond - all of which have survived the winter (all 14 of them). Hopefully in the next couple weeks, well, actually I have to in the next couple of weeks, drain the pond, clean out all the debris and get everything up and running for spring.

Oh. . . and yesterday we had 54.5 tons of limestone delivered so we don't bounce up and down the driveway going in and out. I'm looking for a 5 mph speed limit sign now to post at the end of the drive cause everyone (us included) flies in and out, and the gravel goes everywhere:

Doesn't it look nice and pretty and white? (Until Todd has to haul manure that is - hehe)

And now it's time to think about dinner (which will be mashed potatoes and hamburger w/ gravy so Tyler can at least eat the mashed potatoes and gravy) and 4-h meeting tonight.

What a wonderful day we had.


jacquie said...

A vinyl tablecloth..what a smart idea. I have one of those mesh ones that disintegrates about halfway into each summer. Hope you don't mind my copying this idea. I think my mom would want one too. Have fun at 4-H tonight!

Philigry said...

that does sound like a great day. I am glad he is feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great day! Glad you enjoyed yourself. Did you say 45 sauce tomatoes??!! Wow! You're gonna be one busy momma!! :)

Granny Lyn said...

My favorite thing to do is hang clothes on the line, specially this time of year and the smell of spring clings to the sheets...mmmmmmm

Clever pin holder, a little like my grandma's. I sewed mine to an elastic belt and strap it on as I go outside, but your's could stay outside and will protect the pins from rain,,,,very smart!
thanks for sharing

Finn said...

What great spring time pictures, at least it looks like spring to me *VBS* I can't wait for the snow to finally be gone.
Love what you did with the little bundle of fabric. Can't beat a new clothespin bag! *VBS* Hugs, FInn