Monday, April 28, 2008

Gardening Rush Begins

After Saturday, Todd wanted to get out in the cornfield yesterday and get it ready. It was so nice out and any more, SUnday's are pretty much the only day he has left. He asked me what I wanted done before he left (I asked if taking the kids was an option - but it wasn't as we don't have a tractor with a cab). So I asked him to rototill a patch in the garden that I could transplant rhubarrb, strawberries and blackberries to.

He rototilled it, I raked it and in and Tyler and I took the 4-wheeler and yard cart through the horse pasture around to the garden with all the tools and the rhubarb plants:

the view our our house and barns from the very edge of our property in the horse pasture

Into the ground went:

3 rhubarb plants that magically survived our old garden turned wild weed patch

the 100 strawberry plants that I planted in the garden that the row looked like I was seriously drunk (and I wasn't), which turned into 130 strawberry plants (and there are still 50-60 in the ground that I am not touching)

and 10 blackberry plants that we turned into about 20 or so.

Then last night I looked at my seedlings - everything is coming along, but I think I need to pot up my tomato plants - so I am going to try and do that today or tomorrow. Do they look about the right size, Angie?

It's raining, so I'm off to do some sewing.

See ya,



Philigry said...

i just love gardens, and blackberries are a favorite around here! i hope you get lots this year!

Granny Lyn said...

Busy, Busy Busy

A man can work to dusk from dawn, but a woman's work is never done.

How's the sewing coming?

I can't wait till we can have some strawberries!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Everything looks good! Yup, those seedlings are ready to be potted. You won't believe the way thet grow after that!! I've got a jungle going on downstairs!!

jacquie said...

Thats a LOT of strawberries. So are you a jam maker too?

Tristin said...

Goodness, I find myself slightly envious of your lovely farm! I can't wait to see your harvest.

jacquie said... have the first block done already. You are on it! I need to figure out the fabric thing. I don't have enough of any one for the background, but I might just start and hope I can buy more later. I would hate to start weeks behind again.