Friday, April 4, 2008

Mud, Mud Everywhere

Yesterday and today have been quite dreary (actually so little happened yesterday I don't really remember what it was like:)) It's just been drizzling off and on today, interspersed with some pretty heavy rain.

Tyler keeps going back and forth - he feels great, then he's crying because he feels so bad. He did go to school yesterday and his teacher said he was fine - a little quiet but. . . I think we are in the middle of the healing process, and he doesn't drink and then his throat gets sore. He did eat a hotdog last night, cut into incredibly small and thin slices and some mac n cheese. The hotdog about killed me (just thinking about what goes into them) but that is what he wanted so, how could I refuse? I think I'm coming down with bronchitis - I do this every spring when the weather really starts swinging back and forth - and managed to loose my voice today - hopefully by tomorrow it will be better.

No new calves and the poor cows are in mud and manure up to you know where. But the next few days are supposed to be nice - 60's/70's and sun, so hopefully everything will dry out.

This is what I've been working on in my limited time. I needed something quick, easy and simple to do. I really have not enjoyed being back at work these 2 days - 5 days off really spoiled me:

This is how far I have it done

This is what all the borders will look like when it is totally done

I still have one more patchwork border to put on and the white borders on the outside. I didn't buy any new fabric for this quilt. It's turning out larger than I had anticipated, but it's going to be pretty. Not my normal colors, but I am trying to break out and try different things. Jessie has already asked that it be her next quilt on her bed - all that white - I don't think so.

No sprouted seeds yet - hopefully this weekend - a couple look like they might be coming up though. Tyler turns 5 tomorrow, and his family party is Sunday afternoon, so that will keep things interesting.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!


jacquie said...

This quilt is beautiful. Love it more each time I see it. How do you do a border like that so it turns out even? Hope you and Tyler feel better. It's got to be tough for him not to feel "normal." Boo mud...hard on everyone.

Philigry said...

that quilt is beautiful! i hope tyler has a great birthday!

Amanda Jean said...

the quilt is beautiful! nice job!!!

Granny Lyn said...

Mac & cheese and hot dogs are easy to "slide" down,

and I love the wonderful pastels, my, oh my, that quilt is going to be gorgeous!