Thursday, March 12, 2009


I am normally not a procrastinator - but it is turning out to be a very good thing!

Way back when (OK - the Saturday after Thanksgiving) I packed away all my "everyday decorations" in preparation of pulling out my Christmas decorations. Yes, I have 11 large Rubbermaid tubs of Christmas decorations plus the Christmas tree.

Well, the Christmas decorations came down the Saturday after Christmas, and I have yet to put back out my "everyday decorations." Todd asked me last night if I were "going Amish" in that there is not much of anything out on my shelves or hanging on our walls. My response - I'm thinking about what I want to put out and where to put it all.

Of course, it would help if I would actually remember what I have in the way of decorations. But he doesn't know that I cannot remember - so all is well on that front. So this afternoon upon getting home from work, Tyler and I decorated for Easter (I did bring that box upstairs oh.....about a week and a half least it's not still sitting here right?)

And here are a few of my favorite Easter things:

My $7 Jo-Ann Fabrics lighted 4 foot Christmas tree -
that I found rustic eggs for at the local junk shop - for $2 an egg.
I only brought 4 - figuring I'll go back here in a week or so and get another 4 or 5.

A wool penny rug table mat that I made oh.......10 years ago maybe?

Hopefully tonight (after the kids go to bed) I can get out some more of my favorite things again. Then this will lead to also having to clean the house.....we'll see how far I get:)


Michaela said...

Can't wait to see more of the decorations. I love the rustic easter eggs. I need to think about something to decorate our house with. I feel that I still have time.

Small House said...

OH....the penny rug is wonderful. It will be fun to see what else you do for Easter.
Have a great day.

Scrappy quilter said...

Can't wait to see what else you do for Easter.

warren said...

All that normal would have just had to dust it anyhow...and then swap it out for're just being efficient!

Janice said...

Hello...Have fun decorating. Can't wait to see what you do. It looks like you have fun things to do at your house. Have Fun!!

Gina said...

I've got to swap my few winter decorations for spring ones aswell. Maybe next week.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

luckysanjana said...

hi my part of the world we dont decorate for Easter......we only exchange easter eggs thats was a bit surprised to see you had a trea for Easter as well.........cant wait to see all the rest of your easter decorations....

LuAnn said...

I love the Easter Egg tree. What a great idea!!!!

Libby said...

I am in love with your wool penny rug!
I think we are going for the big spring cleaning this weekend - time to send Hubby up to the rafters for those Easter decorations - thanks for the inspiration *s*

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

Wow. 11 tubs of christmas stuff? That's so funny. I have one box. That's it. But now that my kids are getting older I'm sure I'll have to get more christmas decorations and my 1 box will become 2 boxes. Ditto for Easter!!

Mel said...

Come on over to my blog and grab your award. Your blog is always one I have to come by and read, lots of inspiring ideas.

Not to mention dragging stuff out until the last possible minute, I am still taking things out to the storage room that had to do with Christmas also. LOL


Lib said...

Hi Kris,
Love your decs. esp. the placemat.:o)
Have a great wk.end!

Unknown said...

I just want to say a HUGE thank-you for the fabric - it arrived yesterday but I was a bit distracted as hubby came home yesterday (I have not seen him since new year !) It will be wonderful in the quilt thank-you ! I will send you something ASAP - give me a week as hubby is here for a week and I want to do something special !
Thank-you !


Winifred said...

My Easter decorations, I can't believe it.

My children keep telling me to get rid of my stuff. They're into minimalism as most people seem to be here. All the TV home and lifestyle programmes promote it. I hate it, it's so cold and unfriendly looking to me. Give me the homely look anyday, nothing like a bit of clutter.

Kristie said...

Love your decorations! Can't wait to see more of them! I have a ton of stuff in the outbuilding just waiting to get the new house finished!

Aunt Spicy said...

What fun decorations and what great finds! (Visiting from Spring Swap)