Sunday, April 12, 2009

Game On!!

With 7 days to go until the first steer show, we've been busy as heck here......

Let's see....Thursday afternoon a friend called - after I was done painting 1 wall in Tyler's room. We went to a park for an hour for the kids to blow off steam and then got pizza for dinner. 3 adults and 4 kids polished off a family size pizza (20 slices) and a small (8 slices) along with a mixed salad.

Friday afternoon the kids and I went to see Race to Witch Mountain. Should have gone and seen the Hannah Montana movie, but Tyler didn't want to watch a girly movie. Race to Witch Mountain was good, but not that good. Bid on 2 pigs for Jessie's 4-h project by phone Friday evening. Won both little piggies......we will go get them here in the next few weeks.

Saturday morning both kids had soccer games. And it was COLD out there at 9:00 in the morning for Jessie's game. And the field was WET. Jessie played her heart out, but you can see where as the kids get older, the girls get a little bit intimidated by the older boys. Especially the bigger boys. Tyler was a maniac during his game, which is no surprise. He just goes. And goes.

Saturday afternoon - we tried to wash Jessie's steer Red Man. Let's just say his former nickname of psycho calf - fits him really good. He bent the 1st grooming chute in half before we could get him out, and then tried to flip over the second grooming chute. Todd threatened to send him to Creston today, but we decided we want the satisfaction of eating his butt if he doesn't straighten out. So we get out Oreo - and he stands there like a champ while we wash and blow him dry. So Oreo wins the draw to go to the show this Sunday. Because we KNOW he will behave and not do anything stupid. And at this point, we are going for Jessie to have fun and gain some experience.

Sunday, we worked at cleaning up behind the barn. Piles of rough cut lumber that was punky went to the burn pile. Of course, we clean it up, and think it would make a great area to turn her pigs out into for exercize (it will be about 40x60 when we get it all fenced in. So we will go this week or next and get the boards and the posts, and will get it fenced in and use it for Jessie to walk her steers in, and turn out the pigs in.

We did have a wonderful Easter up at my parents with my sister, brother, grandmother, uncle and Todd's parents. But now, I am so ready to go back to work. I've worked way to hard these last few days and gotten nothing accomplished that I had hoped too....



Michaela said...

You had another busy weekend... you guys got a lot accomplished. I had not idea how much time and effort 4H takes. It must be worth it and fun.
Glad to hear that you've got to spend Easter with your family.
Enjoy your week!

Niki said...

Sounds like a fun, busy, blessed Easter weekend!
Now back to the routine ~ whatever that is! :)

Scrappy quilter said...

WOW, you have been busy. Glad to hear you were able to get a couple of piggies. can't wait to see pictures.

isolada. by design said...

Holy smokes! Sounds like you need a break from your Spring Break! I know the farming, steers and piggies mean a lot of hard work. Throw in the soccer and you guys are definitely a family on the go. But, I love the time it gives all of you to share in things so good, so down to earth, so full of life!

Easter sunshine be yours for days to come!

Ana :)

Lib said...

Hi Kris,
Ya'll have been busy!Most looks like a fun busy!:o)
Have a great wk.

audreypawdrey said...

Busy week! The little pigs you won at the auction will be a fun addition to all of your livestock. I found it hilarious that you can always eat your cow if he is bad!:)

Philigry said...

you are so funny! psycho calf. what a riot. i love the color you are doing in tyler's room. that is going to look great.

Judy T said...

You need a break from your break. I always wonder why it seems like the harder you work the less you feel you accomplish- at least I feel that way.
Hope you have a productive week this week.

warren said...

It's on isn't it?! I love spring but wow is there a lot to do. Our soccer is in full swing too so we get covered up doing that aside from bees and garden and plain old stuff...I still love spring though!

jacquie said...

busy, busy, busy! sending good luck for the show!

Dawn said...

Yes, we have 2 girls who want to see the Hannah Montana movie too, but their brother ruled 'no way!'

You & your family are so inspiring with your projects...I just love reading your posts.