Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Farming Down Time

Every year, we get a little bit of a break in farm activities - which is always nice.
Our corn is growing:

The calves are growing:

Hay is made:

The garden looks decent (note - I did NOT say my garden looks wonderful - I need to get out there and control the grass in some spots):

But, we are at the point where we can take a little breather.

Of course, straw will be ready to bale in the next couple of weeks, and probably our second cutting of hay will be ready at the same time.

On the game plan for this week:

*wean calves
*get a few cows ready to ship to auction (we are upgrading our herd in anticipation of the kids showing steers at our County Fair)
*garden, garden, garden
*AND try to avoid the rain!! Last night coming home from Jessie's physical therapy, we were deluged with a horrific lightning storm/rain combo. Bad enough that even I pulled off the road to wait it out. 1 inch of rain in 45 minutes. No power for most of the evening so we enjoyed a nice, QUIET evening.

That's about it 'round here.



Lib said...

Wow, ya'll been busy!!!!!!!
Never a dull moment farming huh?
We had Tstorms last night today ,and more to come.
Have a great wk.

jacquie said...

I got caught in a whopper storm yesterday too. Hail..dang it. I hate it when it hails. Ripped up lots of my flowers.

Amanda Jean said...

enjoy the lull in the farm activities. growing up on a farm, I know how rare those are.

Granny Lyn said...

Are you saying you have a dull moment??? I"m sure you will find a bunch to do, without even thinking about it...tee hee

My kids used to yell "YEAH!!! no electricity!!" because they loved to light candles and play parchesi.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Some "down time" you crazy busy girl!! :) Look at all that green in the garden!'s not ALL grass, is it?! ;)

Christina said...

I really love all the pictures. You guys sure get a lot done!

Philigry said...

i really don't know how you do it all! you work, have a farm, raise a wonderul family! where do you get the energy?