Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Todd mowed hay on Saturday and we baled it Monday. 200 small square bales and 12 round bales off of 9 acres. Not bad.

Of course, the fun part comes now in that all the small squares need unloaded. And I got drafted to help, as everyone that normally helps is on vacation or busy with their own hay. My job is to toss them from the wagon (or the ground - wherever they end up with the kids dragging them to me at the front of the wagon) to Todd, who stacks them. I moan and groan about it, but really, it's not bad - a great form of exercise...

bales we unloaded last night:

bales we will unload tonight or tomorrow night:

15 acres to go - but that hay is not ours. The guy we "rent" the field off of, we get first cutting, he gets 2nd cutting, we get 3rd, and we bale it (he has kids to unload it).

My finish #5 is just about done - I just may get it done this afternoon when I get home. Hopefully.

PS - and to my winners - I'll be contacting all of you within the next couple days - I can't email you from work with my home email, so I have to do it from home, but we've been so busy...

See ya,



Lib said...

Have to make hay when the sunshines huh? :o)
Hope ya'll can finish soon and get some rest.
Have agreat day!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

You have been productive! What a good feeling it will be when all that hay is baled and stacked!

Kristie said...

You stay so busy!! We actually unloaded 8 more rolls off of the trailer yesterday. This time of year, I HATE hay!!! It doesn't seem like we will have such a shortage on hay like we did last year.

sugarcreekfarm said...

We lost our rented hay ground this year, and I don't miss it. We went and looked at hay to buy last night. We left the kids at home, so it was almost like a date ;)