Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend work

We (ahem, rather TODD) turned this:

(Asphalt grindings from a recent-road-resurfacing- around-the-corner-dirt-cheap-turned-into-barn-flooring to prevent a pond in the barn when it rains).

Into this:

Which we will stack our roundbales on once it is packed down (eventually the whole barn floor will be like this - no more mud).

And we finally got calves weaned, which I will post about later. And I worked out in my garden, and we had friends and Grandparents over for dinner both nights. But that has been it for the weekend.

And of course, it was so stinking hot, we had to do this as well:



Lib said...

Looks like hard work and fun:o)

Kristie said...

Such a wonderful idea! I just hate so much mud!!! I can never keep my boots clean around here!!

The kids look like they are having so much fun!