Thursday, July 3, 2008

Weekly Tidbits

I'm back...

Hard to believe it is July already. No sewing has gone on much at all this week (I've done bits and pieces here and there - working on quilting 1 of my quilts a little at a time) - but the weather here has been gorgeous - until today that is. Steady, drizzly rain ALL DAY LONG.

Earlier this week I decided to ride both horses (yes, both of them) one night. Then I was feeling a little sore here .... but it reminded me of how much I enjoy riding. Our 1 horse is still fairly green - I just haven't had the time to put into her, and I haven't been on her since last fall. But she was so fun - she is so calm and relaxed, although she is HUGE (16+ hands or so). My old show horse, Shamy, who is Jessie's walk-trot horse for 4-h next year was good too - and I haven't been on her in 2 years - the kids rode her a lot last year, but I never climbed on her.

The chicks continue to amaze me! They are really looking scruffy right now - with parts of their feathers coming in, but oh how cute they are!

The garden is growing by leaps and bounds, and so are the weeds. Todd and I spent about an hour the other night weeding the rhubarb and strawberries. This weekend we are hoping to get the tomatoes and peppers mulched really, really good with straw. I didn't get out there with the tomato cages in time.

This weekend we are also putting in another pond. Yes, another one. I currently have 15 fish in my little pond and I am having a heck of a time keeping the water clear (I should only have 5 or 6 in there). So today I went and brought another liner, and hopefully this weekend Todd will get the neighbors backhoe and dig it for me. We are doing this one a little differently - and putting a bog filter in it to help with the green water, in addition to a biological filter. Of course, I will have to buy more plants for it once we have it in the ground - hehe.

And this is what I've been working on today - I just need to put the binding on and I am done with my 2nd finish. Hopefully finish #3 (my fruit and veggie picnic quilt), will be done by Saturday. This was my first pieced back, and I love it. This one will hang in Jessie's room (or probably more accurately, lay on her floor if she uses it at all).

Hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July!!!!!



A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Jessies quilt looks great - o pink and girly! I can't believe how quickly your little chicks have grown. Have a great 4th of July

jacquie said...

Love the pink's so, well, pink! Love the back too...I think pieced backs are just great. A little surprise. Have a great 4th.

sugarcreekfarm said...

Happy 4th to you!! I just love that pink quilt :)