Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend Tidbits

Well, I had hoped to get some sewing in - but I spent several hours in my flowerbed and garden Saturday morning (when the thistles are taller than I am it is time to do something out there) - I was out there at 8:00 a.m. Saturday and came in when the heat got too bad at 11:00 - then I spent several hours cleaning my house - still not "clean" to my liking, but better. Then I went to a neighbor friends - their kids are the same age as Jessie and Tyler, and they are going on vacation so Jessie and I are bunny sitting. One thing led to another, we swapped kids for a few hours, and ended up eating dinner with them and going swimming last night from about 8-10.

Todd baled straw, we unloaded straw Saturday as well, then loaded some of it back up Sunday morning before church for my FIL to take some home for his donkeys. We spent all afternoon Sunday moving cows around, getting rid of our rent-an-Angus-bull, loaded up a steer to take to the butcher (since I am totally out of beef), went to a farm about 15 minutes south of us to look at heifers, and came home.

And my water garden has blooming water lilies:

2 blooms Saturday, 3 on Sunday. It looks a little wild in there - this weekend we are hoping to dig another pond - right now you cannot find the fish for all the vegetation in there.

The 3rd and final batch of chicks comes today - and the first 2 batches are growing amazingly fast. I think I can tell the roosters apart - there are 3 that have very definite combs compared to everyone else:

But - I'm planning on working on my 30's pinwheels this week - I've sent my registration in for our County Fair, so there is no backing out now. That and another picnic quilt for my Mom. And working on my seeing stars Quilt A Long Quilt.

See ya,


Granny Lyn said...

oh, I can't wait to see the pinwheels done!!

your chicks are growing like weeds!!! with a cluck cluck here, and a cluck cluck there,,,,you know the rest. (tee hee)

Lib said...

You sure stay busy, but ....thats life on a farm:o)
Love your pics.
Hope you're having a great wk.

Anonymous said...

Good luck in the country fair!!!

Anonymous said...

Busy, busy girl!! :) Glad your daughter enjoyed camp and VBS. Love the change you made to the blog format, beautiful pic.

jacquie said...

Someday I'm going to have a water garden. The water lilies are just gorgeous. When's the fair?