Thursday, February 5, 2009

Chained to the Stove

Not really, but....the alternative is grocery shopping, and with the prices of some things - I can bake much better!

On Tuesday, I stopped at Aldi's. Didn't need much but a few snack type foods for Todd's lunches. 2 boxes of nutty bars and a box of hoho's (the generic ones from Aldi's), 2.97 later I'm out of there. Figured this would get me to the weekend when I could think of some good baking snacks and actually go grocery shopping.

Only to have them be ALL GONE after packing his lunch this morning. What the heck. So today right after getting home from work, I made:

Homemade granola bars:

Strawberry jello with peaches:

Rice krispy treats:

And baked spaghetti casserole for dinner.

Now, normally, I would leave the pans sit out on the counter (for the granola bars and krispy treats) but since I want these to last for a couple days, I'm going to cut them up and put them in containers and put them in the snack cupboard. We'll see if they last any longer that way. My reasoning is they (Todd and kids) won't eat so much if they actually have to open the cupboard, open the container, take out a treat, close the container and put it back in the cupboard.

Think it will work?????


Scrappy quilter said...

I'm on my waste to taste test. Everything looks so yummie!!

Scrappy quilter said...

I'm on my waste to taste test. Everything looks so yummie!!

Gizmo said...

First, I want to eat at YOUR house!
Second, could you post your granola bar recipe?? I bet we'd go nuts for them too.
Third, I LOVE that you shop at Aldi's!! I always got "the look" when I mentioned that I shop there.

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Children will seek and find the snacks......husbands..?....maybe!!

Stay safe and warm...LindaMay

Judy T said...

Good luck with that one. Here, once they know- they're gone!
Oh, and I like the new background.

Gina said...

That doesn't work in my house. If I've been baking things are lucky to last the day.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

isolada. by design said...

I could definitely nibble and chow down on those granola bars and the baked spaghetti, RIGHT NOW, even if it is more like time for breakfast, not dinner, but I like nothing better then dinner for breakfast!

warren said...

My wife puts stuff away like that. It slows me down some and it slows the kids down a lot! I love rice krispy treats though so you may have your work cut out!

Millie said...

Kris, I nominated you for an award. Please come on over.

audreypawdrey said...

Ummm... i think that homemade goodies are going to go even faster than the store bought kind. These look delicious!

Philigry said...

i wish i could help on the yarn questions below..
i am ahving the same problem with keeping hting sin the house lately too. last week we went through a tub of cookie dough and brownie mix. this week a pie, and i just made a cake this morning! i can not keep up!

Lindsey said...

I'm an Aldi shopper too. Love that place!
How smart of you to get a bunch one done at one time. It all looks wonderful.

Kristie said...

mmmmmm....I'm coming to your house to eat! You know it is only a few hours away.... :)

jacquie said...

thanks for posting the granola bar recipe...i'm going to try it and see if i can get my hubby to eat it for breakfast. he NEVER has breakfast and it's so bad for him.