Tuesday, February 3, 2009


has been marching along here at our house.

I have 4 swaps that I am doing at the moment - the first one is due out February 10th. So I'm working like mad to come up with some fun stuff that I think my swap partner will like.

Not the best picture but....don't want to give away too much information!

The kids had eye exams this morning - both of them need new lenses in their glasses. Tyler has pretty bad astigmatism (which would be corrected if he would wear his glasses - but he says he can see better without the glasses) so I'm on a quest to try and keep his glasses on his little face a bit more.

The cows are getting a little closer to calving. Last year we had calves on the ground on valentine's day - that was a little early with the cold (trying to make room to bring Mama's and babies in). This year we planned a little better - hopefully - the first the cows could be due is March 1.

The coal gardens are growing their crystals (all those green and blue things above are crystals). The kids have had a LOT of fun with this little experiment. Tyler's is growing over the sides of his little ziploc container - I'll post some pictures tomorrow - it's too dark out in that room right now.

Todd's at fire practice and the kids are sound asleep. Do I sew, fold laundry or play around on my new toy?

My boss just brought a new laptop, and graciously donated this to our family. It's not brand new by any means (I think he said it's 3 or 4 years old) but.....I could get used to sitting in my recliner surfing the web.

So maybe I'll catch up on all my blog surfing tonight!!!



Niki said...

When my hubby gave me his old laptop, I became very used to doing all my blogging and internet surfing in my comfy chair by the fire. I would hate to go back to a desktop now. I'm sure you'll love it too!

Judy T said...

I LOVE my laptop. It is also the only computer in the house that I can actually call mine. Other people may use it occasionally but mostly- its hands off!
Have a restful evening!

Greenmare said...

love my laptop, but man it's sooooooooooooo easy to get sucked into the net, especially blogland! there are so many cool people to peek in on! love the crystals!!

Scrappy quilter said...

I love my laptop too. Our son gave it to me for Christmas. We had been w/o a computer for 2 years, using the libraries.

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

I couldn't imagine life without my laptop. I gave my iMac to my son because I can't stand having to sit in the same place all the time to use it. lol!

Unknown said...

I love my laptop too - makes life so much comfier !
Also love swaps ! Such fun ....


jacquie said...

holy buckets you guys have snow. you must have all of ours and everyone else's too. i guess i should be thankful we don't and i'm not stuck somewhere. you have had quite the stuck experiences! jessie looks like she's having a ball cheering. hope all is well! congrats on the awards too! over 300 posts...wow!

audreypawdrey said...

Those crystals are really growing! That is a really neat project. I hope your calves wait until March to come with all of that snow you are getting. Congratulations on the laptop, too!

warren said...

Oh yeah! I love surfing in the lazy-boy! Just make sure you keep a kid handy to go get you drinks and the like!

Lisa said...

I would love to know more about your kids "coal gardens"...I homeschool and my kids would love to do this as a science project. Thanks, Lisa

Millie said...

I just found your blog and enjoy all the postings so much. I grew up on the farm, so many happy memories.

Kristie said...

Love the laptop! That was very nice of him to give to you!

Can't wait for photos of the new calves! We have a colt due around the end of March or first of April!