Tuesday, February 3, 2009


has been marching along here at our house.

I have 4 swaps that I am doing at the moment - the first one is due out February 10th. So I'm working like mad to come up with some fun stuff that I think my swap partner will like.

Not the best picture but....don't want to give away too much information!

The kids had eye exams this morning - both of them need new lenses in their glasses. Tyler has pretty bad astigmatism (which would be corrected if he would wear his glasses - but he says he can see better without the glasses) so I'm on a quest to try and keep his glasses on his little face a bit more.

The cows are getting a little closer to calving. Last year we had calves on the ground on valentine's day - that was a little early with the cold (trying to make room to bring Mama's and babies in). This year we planned a little better - hopefully - the first the cows could be due is March 1.

The coal gardens are growing their crystals (all those green and blue things above are crystals). The kids have had a LOT of fun with this little experiment. Tyler's is growing over the sides of his little ziploc container - I'll post some pictures tomorrow - it's too dark out in that room right now.

Todd's at fire practice and the kids are sound asleep. Do I sew, fold laundry or play around on my new toy?

My boss just brought a new laptop, and graciously donated this to our family. It's not brand new by any means (I think he said it's 3 or 4 years old) but.....I could get used to sitting in my recliner surfing the web.

So maybe I'll catch up on all my blog surfing tonight!!!


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