Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Weekend Sewing

Here's some of the blocks I made over the weekend:

I've just about got all the blocks finished up - there will be white sashing in between each block, and I'm going to find a way to use the striped fabric in some sort of border (I think). If I use all the blocks that I can make - this sucker will probably be a double bed size - I think I have enough fabric to do 42 blocks (and they will finish at 11" square).

And here is my Valentine's Day table runner. I gave the first one to my Mom (as if I did mine first, I would NEVER get the second one done) and had it all done but for hand sewing the binding down. Well, I worked on bindings while watching President Obama's news conference.

We are starting to plan here - there's lots of gloom and doom out there - and while I don't subscribe to it - we don't want to be caught unaware. So we are ramping up our garden plans and the pigs are coming as soon as we can get them. The pigs are almost finished - another 6 -8 weeks and they will be ready for eating. Fortunately for us, they are runts - our friend who raises them is taking 8 to be processed very shortly, but he is getting 10 more right away and doesn't have room to keep the 2 runts and 10 little ones. I'm just glad I'm going to have good bacon that's not costing me $4 a pound:) And we've got a steer that will be ready for processing here in the next couple of months. While we don't need the meat just yet - we are going to save back a half for us and sell the rest.

It's going to be 50/60 today and tomorrow - and then back in the 20's. But most of the snow is gone, the ice is gone and the snow is off of the roof of the house now.

Have a great day!


Nicole said...

Your quilting projects are so beautiful to look at - you just "may" be inspiring me to try some of it myself!

How many pigs do you keep? My husband's family used to raise hogs, they had some farrowing sheds and kept several boars - it was farrow-finish, but they got out when the hog market dropped. Is it profitable for you do keep them small-scale?

QuiltedSimple said...

Hi Nicole! We haven't had pigs for years, but with the prices of meat in the stores, we figured out the cost savings to raise these 2 for another couple months and butcher - it's way cheaper than buying meat. When we were first married, we did 4 batches every year of 6 - 8 hogs and sold them to friends, etc. for meat, but we would rather have the cows at this point. Up until this point, we've always gone to our local butcher 2 times a year and brought a hog off of him that we would get processed, but we can eat a whole hog in a matter of months in our family - that's all we eat is beef and pork (or so it seems). Thanks for stopping by!

Nicole said...

Oh, I'm a "lurker" - I love reading your posts and seeing your quilting pictures, but I just had to ask about the pigs.

My husband keeps wondering out loud if we could get into raising the pigs again, but we never do it. Our neighbor down the road raises them, and we usually get them from him right now. But...it just is so rewarding to have raised things yourself.

Val said...

I love the blocks! You are right, we all better have a plan. The sad thing is my grown children have never really had to go through hard times. I guess they will learn just as we do. I pray for our country.

isolada. by design said...

The blocks are bright & beautiful, Kris. The large quilt will be comfy and warm, no doubt!

I missed the conference as I can no longer bear to hear about the doom and gloom, knowing I'm living right in the middle of it. We can only do the best we can by living well within our families and friends, providing to the best of our abilities, that we have shelter and protection to get us through what will be much more difficult days. I'm not afraid to tighten up and I know you aren't either! Your garden will flourish and your farm, nourish!

Have a good one!

Ana :)

Susan said...

Your plans sound good. We are beginning to feel rather like the Waltons here too..........

I am looking at all of this as a challenge.

audreypawdrey said...

The quilt blocks are looking lovely! The white sashing will really help the colors shine. I am thinking of trying a small garden this summer to help, too. I am also worried about how everything is going.

Scrappy quilter said...

The blocks are beautiful. I'm going to have to try that block.

I agree, we don't have to be all doom and gloom, however I think we also need to be wise and prepare. We are doing the exact same thing.

Quilting For Less said...

Love your blog! I love the simple way of life, too and enjoy the saying, "Us it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without!" Love your quilt!


warren said...

Do you have to buy feed or are you able to raise your own? I know it's a lot of extra work, but that would be cool to get one step closer to self-sufficient

Small House said...

Your quilt blocks are great. Bright and cheery. And love your v-day runner. Lucky mom!
My dad raised pigs when I was young. Funny animal. My brothers took them to the fair in the summer and earned fancy ribbons. Not me, I raised chickens.
Have a good day.

Unknown said...

Well done on your sewing !

I love bacon too - well I love pork !

Have a great evening - Vanessa

Kristie said...

At least we are thinking along the same lines!!! We have plans for a larger garden this year and have 4 more pigs coming in 2 weeks! We do all the butchering ourselves, which the boys jut love to help doing that. I even make lard, from the fat. Maybe it's not real healthy but I like doing the old-timey stuff!

Love the new blocks! So bright and cheery! I love the tablerunner too, I really need to make so for myself!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love the bright, cheerful fabrics you have used in your latest blocks! You are certainly becoming very self sufficient.

Millie said...

The blocks are beautiful. Love the happy colors.

Miri said...

I just LOVE the bright colors. Your blocks are inspirational and cheery -- much like your blog!

I have been talking to my husband about getting a spring pig or two. It's about the only kind of meat we could raise on our small farm since we have the horses taking up tons of room.

I agree with you that it feels good to be a little self-sufficient in the current economy.

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

I love the bright, cheery quilt blocks and think a striped border would be fantastic!

There certainly is gloom and doom out there! We don't subscribe to it, either, but we are eating out less often and we gave up Starbucks...hey, I'm a city girl...what can I say?