Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I really didn't mean to disappear:)

But life has been hectic here. Between a little boys birthday dinner with family and friends (4 kids who are good friends are a REAL eye opener - my Mom, of all people got Tyler a whoppie cushion - it was put to very, very good use on Sunday),

The first soccer game of the season - sorry, no pictures - it was in the 30's here Saturday morning, spitting snow....

Another bull calf born Tuesday morning:

Alli, Jessie's heifer, spit out a bull calf as easy as you please.....I'll do a separate post on him cause you all HAVE to hear what Jessie had to say....that girl can negotiate with the best of them!

And I'm madly trying to get flower beds and the house in order.....I spent all. day. long Sunday cleaning out the clutter (actually, just transferring it to the basement - the gremlins will take care of it right?)....anyhow, after the birthday dinner I remarked to Todd how much better i felt with the house clean....HE had to point out the dust and the cobwebs!

Sick rhododendron's on their way out of my flowerbed.

Something has to take a back seat. I'm giving myself until Friday to read all of your goings on in your blog posts, and I WON'T be posting until I do read them.....BUT, hopefully I will have some pictures of my new and improved flowerbeds when I come back.


Nancy M. said...

I'm always behind on something, lol! Too funny about the whoopie cushion! Boys do love those things! I can't believe it was snowing at your house. I've been in shorts!

countrychicken said...

That whoopie cushion was the hit of the party - who knew. You do know Jessica asked for one of her own don't you?? Mom

Lib said...

I know the Whoopie cushion was a
Wow, Ya'll are busy!
Have a great rest of the wk.