Friday, April 30, 2010


I keep wishing desperately for spring. You know...the sunny, 70 degree days?

Last weekend we had rain. This week it's been cold. We'll, 40's and 50's cold.

Today though, looks promising. 78 degrees.

So I am playing hookey from work at noon. I'm stopping by the gym for my half hour workout, going to get feed for Jessie's steer and then I'm going home to finish cleaning out my flowerbeds.

I'm not showing you all yet the ones I haven't cleaned out. Except this one:

Which you can see how far I have gotten on it since Todd pulled the rhododendron's out.....which is not very.

I've been playing with pigs. And steers. And a puppy dog who is growing by leaps and bounds:)

Tonight? While Tyler is at a birthday party Jessie and I are going to go buy the fabric to make her show shirts for this year. I figured it up - she needs at least 3 shirts to show in. They all run $30 a pop. I can buy the fabric for under $10 with any luck. She has put in her requests - orange, purple, hot pink and bright blue. And we are buying her a sewing machine. She needs to get working on her sewing project for 4-H, and it is supposed to rain AGAIN this weekend, so we just may be able to knock some of it out. And after last year's fiasco with MY machine, there is no way she is touching
Have a good one!


BlueRidge Boomer said...

Enjoy your time playing in the dirt!

Michelle said...

You all are always on the move! I wish that I had half of your energy!!! :)

Libby said...

Hope your good weather arrives soon. After a crummy start this week, the weekend here is shaping up nicely *woo hoo*

Aunt Spicy said...

Her very own sewing machine? Can not wait to see what she makes!

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

I'm loving your calvados cardi! It looks great! And now I have garden envy. :)

I like your header photo. Gosh, your kids are getting big! Can you believe I've been reading your blog for two years now??? Your kids have grown a lot in two years! :)