Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Thank you for all your kind comments on Tyler's room. He LOVES it. And I love the floor - much easier to swifter it every other day than drag out the vacuum cleaner. Have I mentioned I hate cleaning house? And yes, seeing the dirt and dust that accumulates over the course of the day, carpet has to be gross with all that trapped in there:)

Flowers courtesy of my Mom for Easter!

I keep hoping that we will enjoy some spring-like weather. Not this 80 degrees we've had for the past week, and not the 40's and 50's that is coming up. 60's and 70's would be nice.

However, I'm not complaining, as at least we aren't getting a ton of snow!

I think all of my fish survived the winter. I cleaned out my pond last Thursday - yuck! Kinda hard to see in the picture but some of these goldfish and comets are over 6" long! And they reproduce worse than rabbits:)

This weekend is Jessie's first steer show for the year with Punx. He had a horrific case of ringworm which has finally cleared up enough that he looks decent. Hopefully she will do well showing him (not placing wise - we could care less about that - just showing him as well as she is capable

So we've been spending lots of quality time in the barn. Although spending every evening in the barn means my crafting time has taken a serious hit, I am so close to having a sweater done, I'm going to crank it out here hopefully by the weekend.

Oh and before I forget, seeing these fabulous ladies cranking out clothes for their daughters, I made Jessie a little something to wear to her spring concert last week.

Sorry there is no picture of her in it. We were running late the morning she wore this to school, but it looked really cute with jean capris and a white tshirt. I'll try and get a picture of her when she comes home from school today (she has it on again). No pattern - the fabric already came with the elastic gathering at one end. Simply fit around her chest, sew the side seams, sew 2 straps and hem. We won't mention the capri pants I tried to make to match - which the guy at JoAnn Fabrics didn't cut my yard of fabric straight so I was about 6 inches short to having enough......

Have a sunny Wednesday. I'll be by to see you all....



em's scrapbag said...

Tyler's room looks great! Wishing Jessie lots of luck showing Punx!

Lib said...

Good luck to Jess!Love her top!You did a great job!Pretty flowers.
We went from winter to summer tomorrow 50s .
HAve a great wk.end