Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tyler's bedroom redo

Over Easter weekend, we re-did Tyler's bedroom. I am so tired:)

I found a fantastic deal on laminate flooring - 47 cents a square foot (which translated to about $80.00 a room for each of their bedrooms). So I got enough to do Tyler's and Jessie's room both!

I gave all 4 walls a fresh coat of paint, beige on 2 opposite walls:

Red on 1 wall:

And blue on the 4th wall:

New curtains (which are kinda hard to see here):

Some firetruck prints on the wall. I took a bunch of pictures from the Firefighter Festival two years ago in West Salem, and printed some of them off. I'd like to get some of Todd's department and the trucks that are on it (especially the one that we rode away from the Church on when we got married):

And a spot to hang his fire helmet! This is Todd's first firehelmet when he joined the department back in 1989. Needless to say, it's not legal for him to wear it today. But Tyler has enjoyed playing with it, he LOVES to play fire fighter:

I still need to put baseboards up all around. And probably get a few more area rugs before next winter. But I'm thinking I'm going to wait to do the baseboards until we have the floor laid in Jessie's room. And I really don't feel like staining all that trim! Eventually we will have laminate flooring throughout most of our house - it's so much easier to care for than carpeting.

I was amazed at how easy it was to install it. A friend of ours and I did it on Saturday morning, we started at 8:00 a.m. ripping out the carpet that was in there, and by 1:30 it was done.

I still want to find a few things to hang on the walls, like an old fire hose and fire extinguisher (which I actually think Todd has at his parents' house), and I do have some letters spelling his name that I painted in royal blue that I need to hang, but for now, it's complete.
Now it's onto Jessie's room:)


country mouse said...

Wow! His room looks great! I love the lamenate flooring, I wanted to put it down in the house I used to live in, but my ex always dragged his feet so it never got bought. The house I live in now has hardwood floors throughout and I love it! I really like the differing wall colors, and the firefighting stuff too (probably comes from being the daughter of a former fire chief :cD) I'm sure Jessie's will look just as awesome!

Janice said...

By the pictures you posted the room looks great. I really like the colors you chose. Very fun.
Thanks for stopping by my blog again.
It has been a long time since I have been on here. Looks like you are still staying busy and having fun.
Keep up the good work!!!
Thanks for your comment also.
I haven't ever known anyone that has my same birthday. That is fun. April 5 brings amazing people. ha ha

Vintage Girl said...

Awesome room! You did a great job with the painting and the flooring. A real boy's room for sure. I love the way you are decorating with "real" stuff like the fire helmet and eventually hose and such...and the pictures are perfect. He's going to have lots of fun in there! Hugs, Heather

Lib said...

Looks GREAT!
What a Blessed Boy!:-)
Have a great day!

Miri said...

What a wonderful birthday present! A boy room for sure. Love it.

audreypawdrey said...

It is looking great! I love the colors you are using and how you are incorporating so many of his dad's things into the room. That makes it even more special.

Dena said...

Great job on Tyler's bedroom. I have been considering putting laminate or hardwood floors through-out my house too. I hate carpets because of all the dust and odors it holds. I'm sure Tyler is enjoying his newly decorated room.

Michelle said...

Score on the flooring - what a deal! The room looks great. Man, I wish I had you energy and ambition! ;)

V定治 said...


marit said...

The room looks great! I like hardwood/ laminate floors too, and hate carpets- only good thing about carpets, is that they are warmer, and not so noisy...but when I see the amount of dust that needs to be swept off the floors almost daily, I shudder with the thought of what it would look like in carpets...
Anyway, I'm sure Tyler is really happy with his room, it's awesome!

Nancy M. said...

I love the way his room looks now! I would love to find some flooring for a good price like that! Between all the chihuahuas we have and the kids, our carpet is ruined!

Cheryl said...

I am so impressed with the floors! I might have to give that a whack if I can find it cheap enough.

Aunt Spicy said...

love! it looks so good! the colors are perfect!

Gill - That British Woman said...

I love the paint colours you used, it's a great room for a boy, well done.

Gill in Canada