Thursday, April 8, 2010

Calf #3

Yes, another heifer. I'm getting tired of all these girls......

She was up, dry and running around when I got home. A rather LARGE heifer. I call Todd, who said "go out in the field and see if it's a heifer or a bull calf." I'm in my work clothes, mind you, but I crawl through the fence, wade through the weeds and take pictures. Nope - I didn't get close enough to see if it was a boy or a girl.

AFTER I went and changed clothes, I did go back out there and could report to Todd it was a heifer.

Todd: What color is it?
Me: Black and white. Looks like a holstien.
Todd: Huh?
Me: Hold on - I'll text you a picture.....
Todd: yes, that is definitely black and white. Wonder where THAT came from?

Apparently either our bull or this brown and white cow (or both) have a black gene in their makeup somewhere. She has 4 white legs just like a holstein would.

When Todd finally got home from work last night about 8:30 we brought her into the barn since we are supposed to get some rain over the next couple days. His best guess on her weight? 85 lbs.
Now Jessie is campaigning to show her at State Fair, Tyler is campaigning to show his heifer at State Fair this summer, and we are wondering if we are EVER going to get a bull calf to turn into Jessie's steer project for next year.
I'm just glad this calf is not crippled like this cow's last years calf.
And I can also turn my worries to Alli, who is bred to the same bull for her first calf. I really don't want her having trouble cause the calf is too big. I hope we don't have a train wreck on our hands.....
Have a great day


Shorty said...

How sweet. Glad the calf is healthy and doing well!

Miri said...

This morning we were on our way to an appointment when we passed a neighbor's ranch. My oldest begged me to go back because she saw a "dead, slimy, bloody" calf in the pasture.

Silly me. I called and of course it was a newborn.

Nancy M. said...

She does look kinda big. She's pretty, even if she is a different color! I hope the other mommy doesn't have a hard time when it's her time!

Judy T said...

She's cute. I once lived on a dairy farm in New York state where they were trying to breed their Holstein herd back to the brown and white colors. They had lots of chocolate holsteins. Very pretty.
I hope the other deliveries go smoothly.

Lib said...

How Sweet!I hope the other births goes well!
have agreat wk.end!

Gill - That British Woman said...

congrats, she is a cutie, my dad was helping out with a guy and his cows and he said it was really hard work.

Gill in Canada