Tuesday, August 19, 2008

1st day of school

Well, she's off. And so excited - no bye, no hug, no nothing - just hop on that big yellow bus and GO. Hard to believe she is in 3rd grade already - where has the time gone???

I of course, have been up since 5:00 a.m. Not getting ready for her to go to school, but getting the cooler packed for Todd to take on a work fishing trip to Lake Erie. They left at 5:30, which left me nothing but an hour and a half to work on this:

And this:

Pincushion and Needlebook for a swap

It was nice having that little bit of time to do some little things that I really, really need to get done and sent off, however....I am SO not a morning person, so I don't see this becoming a part of my daily routine:)

I thought about attempting some knitting, but when I see projects that my Mom has started - why should I attempt it when I can make her a quilt in exchage for something knitted? ... although I am dying for some socks.. and I just keep pointing her in this direction so she sees all these wonderful sweaters I want someday....



countrychicken said...

I have been waiting for your post today. I wanted to see Jessica on the first day of school. I can't believe she is in the third grade and so grown up. Where did the years go. I am working on the knitting, just socks and sweaters are new to me. You know I can whip out a scarf in no time, but its time to move on to something with a little more challenge.

5 Chicks and a Farmer said...

Awe, how cute! KK starts school for the first time (EVER) next Monday. She is starting pre-K. It's only half a day, but still. This momma is sad. I'm excited for her though.

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Wow! My third grader and kindergartener start next Tuesday. Time surely does fly when you are having fun! Have a good school year!

audreypawdrey said...

How exciting! I love the pincushion and the needlebook, too. I am sure your swap partner will be happy.

Lib said...

How Sweet! The yrs. flies by:o(
Our kids grows up way too fast!
Love your projects!
I am a morning person !
Have a great day!

SewAmy said...

they do grow up so fast. Love your pin cushion. And by the way I am not a morning person either. Who is? LOL

Granny Lyn said...

Oh, how adorable is she?? and she looks like whe's raring to go! They do grow up waaaayyyy too fast! blink twice and she'll be in High School!

I love the swap items, and I'll bet your partner is going to, too!

jacquie said...

3rd grade is a big year. do you take first day of school pics each year?

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Glad the school year has got off to a good start. It is great when they want to go to school! Love your batik pincushion - just lovely!

Philigry said...

she does look so excited! happy first day!
I am going to check out your mom's blog!
you must try goat cheese! it is so yummy!