Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lilly comes home

Well, actually, Lilly came to our house last weekend, but Jessie was away at camp for a couple days, and we gave her a couple days to settle in with the other 2 horses. So Friday night we brought all the horses in so Jessie could walk her in peace and quiet.

Still a little nervous, but her friends are up in the barn calling for her.

Then she wanted to groom her, so I got out my horse, Kiara, and rode her. Still pretty untrained, but she was good. She is an incredibly lazy, slow mover. And big. I cannot see over her back (heck, my eyes aren't even level with her back) and I'm 5'6".

Then the kids wanted to ride, and rather than saddle up my old show horse, Shamy, I just put them up on Kiara. She's never bucked, jumped or done anything equally stupid, so I figured as long as I kept hold of her, we'd be okay.

Yes, I make the kids ride without stirrups pretty much all the time - for 2 reasons - gives them great balance and safety - if their feet aren't in the stirrups, they can't get dragged if they fall off.

And she was. Guess I ought to start riding her more often...


5 Chicks and a Farmer said...

I love horses! I'm working on Farmer Jason to get us one. I've never owned one, but I'm fascinated by their beauty!


Lib said...

Love the horses!
My pc has given us problems trying to catch up on visits.

Kristie said...

Your horses are beautiful!!!! Love the paint! Hunter has a paint, he is not fully broken yet and we just had him gelded so it will just take time and he will be well broken like our others. Loved all of the horse photos, makes me want to go take some photos of ours...

SewAmy said...

my daughter would be in heaven with those horses.

Gina said...

Beautiful horses.

I agree with you on the stirrups. I used to teach riding and I always made sure I did some non stirrup riding every lesson.

Love and hugs Gina xx