Thursday, August 7, 2008

Decisions decision

You all are way to nice here - and I cannot believe I did all that ripping (normally I would have pitched it after ripping it once if I had to do it again). My patience level must be getting better. Either that or I really like the table runner.
I did get a new bale into the roundbale feeder with no major or minor mishaps. Our skidloader has 2 hand controls - you push them forward to go fast. In addition to a lead foot, I must also have lead hands - hehe. But chores were done early, the kids are on their school routine starting tonight (bedtime is 8:20), and I've had time to play.

So I worked on basting this quilt - my beloved pinwheels:

But now am having quilting issues - do I stiple it? do I try to figure out a pattern to quilt it in? wavy lines across the quilt? The only thing I know I don't want to do is straight lines - if I cannot drive in a straight line down the road, there is no way in heck I'm going to quilt in straight lines.... Guess I'll think on it for a few days - I have exactly 1 month to get it done - it's a smallish twin size, so it won't take very long to quilt once I make up my mind. I'm leaning towards some sort of pattern, but don't want to back myself into a corner with only a month to go.
Tommorrow night I'm drying herbs and starting the tiring process of canning tomato sauce and whole tomatoes. Why did I think I needed 45 tomato plants total????



sugarcreekfarm said...

You did better than I would have with the round bale! That's exactly why I haven't learned to drive the tractor yet - then I don't have to do things like that ;)

Our garden is a mess! Even though I probably have 45 tomato plants out there I don't think they'll amount to enough to can. I'll be missing those jars of tomato sauce come winter.

Kristie said...

The tomatoes sound good! I am getting ready to make applebutter, apple jelly and canned apple pie filling next week. Mom will be home and we are just going to jump in and do it together and then split it up between us.

I love the quilt! I don't really have any ideas for the quilting. Maybe that is why I have 77 quilt tops sitting here. What kind of machine do you have? Does it have a larger throat space or just a normal 6 or so inches? All of mine are just normal machines. I can't wait to get a larger one.

audreypawdrey said...

I so enjoy your posts! You have 45 plants because you love fresh tomatoes and you will enjoy all those canned tomatoes come February. I know that is how it is in our family; although, I currently have 0 tomato plants and I will be missing the canned tomatoe plants this winter-maybe that is why I am in awe. Good luck on the quilting, I am still too new to that part to comment in a well distinguished or knowledgeable way.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Home grown tomatoes are delicious! You will enjoy them in winter!

Anonymous said...

LOL! I told you you were gonna hate me come summer if all those tomato plants make it!!! :) Just think of how your family will be enjoying those tomatoes come winter.

5 Chicks and a Farmer said...

You make an incredible farmer's wife!

I was so upset with our garden this I've said a million times. I'm glad you have bountiful tomatoes!

Your quilts are beautiful. I have no input or advice to help you out.....I'm not schooled at all in quilting. I can only tell you how 'purdy' they are!


Dawn said...

Because I 'suffer' from the 3/4 syndrome (finish a quilting project within 1/4 of it being ever completed) I am NOT the one to give you advise on how to finish your gorgeous quilt. Whatever you do decide, I know you will do a beautiful job!