Thursday, August 21, 2008

Little Bit of this....Little Bit of That

Yesterday was a good day - I found a new junk....antique.....rustic store, went home and cleaned 1 room in my house ....that took me 2 hours to clean top to bottom.

And then Tyler had soccer. And Jessie had soccer. At opposite ends of the county, and Todd was on a fire run. Plus I had to pick up a friend's little boy and take him to soccer (same time and place as Jessie's practice, just different coaches). So I drop Cole and Jessie off, let both coaches know that I would not be there, but I would be back and Tyler and I fly 15 miles south to go to his practice. Tyler is in the green shorts, grey shirt and blue socks.

This. kid. is. fast. Coach Hud had to finally tell him - slow up and take a break - make the other kids go for the ball.

This is my nephew Kelton - Tyler finally let him have the ball and make a couple goals in their practice skrimage - after Tyler made about 10 goals. Hud has to split them up on the teams when they practice - or the other team never gets the ball - they tend to feed off one another and dominate the field. And you can see Tyler at the edge of this picture - that was about the furthest away from the ball that he was the whole hour.

Kelton and Tyler are 8 months apart - but Tyler is 4 inches taller than Kelton and Kelton outweighs Tyler by about 35 lbs. They could have been in kindergarten together, but we kept Tyler back a year - April birthday, he really wasn't ready. Now I'm thinking he might have been ready to start kindergarten, but year.

Tonight the girls are coming to walk their calves - should be fun - and I'm going to finish canning peaches this afternoon when I get home. And maybe, just maybe, clean my kitchen. We'll see.



Anonymous said...

They look like they are having a ball.

audreypawdrey said...

They do look like they are having so much fun! Whew, I am impressed that you got so much done yesterday and I am craving your peaches.

jacquie said...

i clean like that to bottom...if i'm going to clean it might as well be really clean!
sounds like tyler is quite the soccer stud! good for him.

Lib said...

Hi Kris,
You are a very busy Lady!
Looks like the kids are enjoying themselves:o)
Hope you have a great day!

em's scrapbag said...

Your peaches look great! Hope you were alble to finish them. If the kitchen doesn't get done. Oh well, it waits, kids don't.

Finn said...

Sure looks like a fun time to me. Its hard to be the run having to do the running with kids in sports, but I guess it goes with the territory. The kids are lucky to have such a good mom! Enjoy these rapidly departing last days of summer. Big hugs, Finn

Granny Lyn said...

Two solid hours in one room....did you just stand in it and "feel" the cleanliness?? If your home is anything like mine, by the time you get the rest of the rooms done, that one will need it again...the cleaning cycle just goes round and round

5 Chicks and a Farmer said...

How fun! You are the ultimate peach canning, quilt making, soccer mom! When do you ever sleep girlfriend....or even have time to blog for that matter. You amaze me. I hope you have a fantastic weekend my friend!