Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More calves...

The girls came over last night and got to walk the calves outside of the pen. These 2 are about the quietest calves we have ever had. Which is good. Emily and Kara have shown sheep for a number of years, and they told their parents last night they want to stop showing sheep and start showing cattle. hehe - more converts. While they were walking, Todd and their dad, Jason, held onto the end of the ropes - just in case - but as Todd said afterwards - he never had to help Kara with her calf - although she is tough enough that she wasn't taking any crap from her calf.

I worked on my 30's pinwheels last night - but as I was getting ready to piece the backing, realized I don't have enough. And I'm afraid it's the wrong color green (it's really a darker green than I had thought it would be). So now I'm off to the fabric shop today after work to see if I can find something else. Or I go with it and I'll piece a back with some of the yellow I had brought for the binding.

Darn....another trip to the fabric store:)


jacquie said...

good for them...those calves can be ornery sometimes. poor you...a trip to the fabric store!

Kristie said...

How exciting a trip to the fabric store!!!! I think it is great that the kids are so interested in the animals. My boys are like that and I think when they spend time doing things like that it keeps them out of trouble.