Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Jumping Round

I finally got some uniterrupted sewing time.....could it be because Jessie is at church camp until tonight....and Tyler is great on his own (he would be an awesome only child - hehe).

So I did this:

Yes, I have 3 more star blocks to do, but I tend to get bored very easy, and if I had to do 13 setting blocks all at once - it would never get done. So I'm doing them row by row, and it's motivating me. Todd came home to it laying all over the floor - he likes it, but wondered where I was going to put it. This will go on our bed once it is done. His response - with a king sized bed - I bet you don't get it done until Tyler graduates from high school. Does that sound like a dare to you too?



Gina said...

Oh yes that's definitely a challenge.
I'll be rooting for you

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah! Thems fightin' words!! :)

Lib said...

Sounds like a dare to me!lol
You can do it!;0)

Kristie said...

It's beautiful!!! I'm like you, I get bored very easily. That is probably why I have so many UFO's! I really like your quilt, can't wait to see it finished.

Edna said...

You can do it girl!! By the way, I have to share something with you that I found interesting... My daughter's name is Kristina, married to Todd... with a daughter and son... their son's name is also Tyler - unbelievable but true

Alison said...

Kris, thank you so much for signing up to make 2 blocks for Aryn's quilt. I can't wait to see them!!