Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Free time

I finally got some uninterrupted sewing time (well, except for being interrupted by kids, which is no interruption at all) in between drying herbs and saucing tomatoes last night. And actually, it's not Tyler who interrupts me - he is the greatest child - he will play by himself for hours on end ....I won't hear a peep out of him.

So I made this quilt block:

Yes, I freehanded and winged it - some of the seams don't line up, but I want to use black felt for the roofs, the door and a cross on the steeple.

And I made this apron for a christmas gift - it's reversible (don't know for who yet but....):

I have an idea for a lap quilt, done out of civil war reproduction fabrics, including the church block above. We'll see if this works, or if I will get mad and give up on it.

I'm horrible about sewing without patterns - if the pattern is in a color choice I don't particularly like, it turns me off the pattern. Likewise, I hate trying to pull fabrics together for a quilt (which is why I buy a lot of collections, like the 30's repros, the firetruck fat quarter kit or fat quarter packs)....guess maybe I don't have enough imagination?

It's cooler here - not making it out of the high 60's. We have power, and have the entire time except for about 4 hours on Sunday. But so many of our neighbors and family members do not - in fact we got a call from a friend at 5:30 yesterday morning wanting to know if he could use our generator (after getting the call from my BIL on hooking up his generator at 10:30 Monday night!)

Now I'm thinking of Christmas presents and what I can make for everyone this year. We don't have thousands (or even hundreds) of extra $$ laying around, and I hate to waste what we do have on the items that while nice, won't last as long, and I certainly don't want to buy for the sake of buying. So I'm thinking and making lists, for teachers, babysitters, nieces and nephews, and friends' kids and Jessie and Tyler - what in the heck can I make these people that will be appreciated and enjoyed?

Any suggestions?



Kristie said...

Do you ever stop? :) You stay so busy! I love the new block and the apron! I have been making a few Christmas gifts, I had bought some fleece throws on clearance and I am putting them in my embroidery machine and doing a little design on them. Very cheap!! I don't have alot of extra cash either, so I figure most everyone will get something like this, which is still a nice gift, but I can spend what money I do have on my boys! :)

Lib said...

Hi Kris,
When do you sleep?lol
Glad you have free time!
Love your aprons!
We're thinking alike,I'm working on Christmas gifts too.
Have a great day!

Granny Lyn said...

Isn't it awful, Halloween is'nt even here, and we're already thinking of Christmas,,,,I've been doing the same thing!

The simple little stitcheries will probably be my thing this year, they are not too expensive, and only take a day to make!

Anonymous said...

Mi kids each have a blanket made by their grandmother that they adore (the quilt and the grandmother). Of course, I have exceptional kids, but some kids do appreciate things like that as gifts...and your work is excellent!

Chiot's Run said...

I stumbled across your blog and was excited to see you live in Wayne Co, Ohio. YEAH. I grew up there (in Rittman). My parents live in Rittman, my sister in Orrville. DH and I live in Malvern now - a hour east. We still would love to move back to Doylestown someday when we can find a nice plot of land.

We just went to the Wayne County Fair and loved it (along with 2 doz lerch's donuts). I think everyone that read my blog wants to go now.

Chiot's Run said...
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A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

You sound super organised!! What about giving bottles of your homemade tomato sauce or jam for gifts - I always find gifts from the kitchen are appreciated as many people don't have the time these days to bake. Bags to take grocery shopping are another idea that are cheap to make but very useful. Hope you come up with some great ideas!

audreypawdrey said...

I am trying to think of the same thing! It is time to start crafting for Christmas. Hmmm... I agree that with all the canning you have been doing a homemade jar of sauce or preserves would be awesome. You could always add a cute apron:)-like the one you just posted, some embellished kitchen towels or a patchwork potholder. I am thinking along these lines for some of my holiday giving. Sewmamasew has some great tutorials under their handmade holidays.

chook said...

I am so glad you have some time to sew I cant wait to see wnat you do for your christmas gifts I will get some ideas from you LOL
how about little bags for the girls and marble bags for the boys.
I love to read what you are getting up to
hugs Beth

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

I'm trying to think of things to make for gift giving, too. Its tough!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kris,

You keep yourself so busy! You are also way ahead of me about Christmas gift planning. I usually give my hand made craft (or quilts) to only people who understand and appreciate how much time and effort that I spent to make them.

I like your aprons. They must be nice gifts too! Good idea!!
(Thank you for visiting my blog!!)

Philigry said...

yes, I am trying to make stuff for people with stuff I already have. Christmas can get so out of control!
I love you approach, and all of your sewing!