Monday, September 22, 2008

We are good

We are home, we are good. I think she is feeling lots better being at home - although she was bugging me all weekend to get up and play a lot.

The doctors at Akron Children's were fantastic. The ER staff - not so much. We ended up having to go there as a precaution - they did a CT scan at our local hospital and thought they saw something - could have been a broken blood vessel in her head, could have been nothing. So at 9:00 her and I headed off by ambulance to Akron and Todd and Tyler headed home. Of course, we get to Akron and the ER is a zoo. They had no clue and even with the CT scan and x-rays - still did not believe she had a broken arm (in fact, they told me at 11 we could go home, I call Todd - we can go home, come get us - at 11:15 it's oh sorry, you have to stay for the night - we did find what could be a broken blood vessel behind her eye. So back outside to call Todd - you can turn around and go home.) They got us up to the floor at 3:00 in the morning, and one there the nurses and staff were fantastic. Another CT scan Friday morning revealed nothing - no broken blood vessell, no broken cheekbone, nothing. So it was basically knock her out to set her arm, she ate, she drank, and we waited to be released.

We did get home Friday night about 8:00 - long day, longer evening, but she is so happy to be home. And she is so mobile. No pain in her arm, she's ready to run around like an 8 year old. I actually caught her skipping down the gravel driveway yesterday and trying to catch frogs out of the pond!

So she's off at school today - we'll see how it goes. Even if she makes it for 1/2 a day, I'll be happy.

And what was I doing before all this happened? I made this (zippered cosmetic/storage pouch):

And this (checkbook cover):

Both of them from the tutorials at Crazy Mom Quilts. Aren't they cute? I also worked on my bloggy birthday gifts - they would've gone out this weekend but....obviously that didn't happen:)

So the weekend was spent with cleaning house, cleaning up outside, drying chilli peppers, drying garlic (don't dry either of these in the house - it will reek for days on end!), making pepper sauce and Tyler's soccer game (which he scored 6 goals at - we won, 9 to 2).

And our chickens are huge. Tyler and I cleaned out the chicken coop yesterday morning - these guys (and girls) have grown an amazing amount - and they look like chickens now. Of course, every blade of grass that was in the chicken run is gone - so Tyler's been raking up grass clippings and giving them little treats. They also love tomatos and peaches. The first batch is now 16 weeks old - so I'm hoping here in a few more weeks we start getting some eggs.

See ya,



Kristie said...

So glad she is ok!! It must have been very scary for all of you! Love your new goodies that you have made.

Philigry said...

oh my god! i am so glad she is okay, but how scary and stressful for you guys! wow! lots happening at your house.
I love the pictures of those chickens! beautiful.

audreypawdrey said...

I am so glad that everything turned out okay! You had a really busy weekend. I love the checkbook cover and the cosmetic case. This would make a great Christmas gift combination-now I just need to think of who it should go to! You have inspired me to try it.

I am glad you tried the pepper sauce. You will have to let me know which recipe you went with and if you like it! :)

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What a weekend! Glad to hear her eye turned out OK and that her arm isn't causing too much discomfort. Waiting around hopsitals is so draining.

Love you new projects - the cheque book cover looks lovely.