Tuesday, September 16, 2008

On Drying

I thought I'd take a walk when I got home - to make sure there is nothing pressing in the garden. With the fair last week, I let everything slide. BIG mistake (both taking a walk and letting everything slide:))!

So now I'm saucing up 1 last bushel of paste tomatoes, drying 1 last pint of basil and oregano, and I have to do something with the 1/2 bushel of hot peppers. And there's probably another 1/2 bushel of hot peppers out there to pick (but my basket was full). Habaneros, jalapenos, chili and Hungarian wax.

I'm voting for running them through the dehydrator. But Todd just mentioned on the phone canning them.

My response was that's fine - as long as you are going to help me do this!.

These are the yellow onions I ran through the dehydrator a few weeks ago. And oh how yummy they are in any dish that needs onions!:

I can tell summer is on it's way out.....



audreypawdrey said...

They all look delicious! I would make some pepper sauce with the jalapenos-so good on vegetables. I am so envious of all those homegrown tomatoes-looks so delicious...

Niki said...

I can so relate! Our garden is producing but we have had hard frost, and had to cover everything!

I like to chop my hot peppers fairly fine and freeze them in a freezer bag. I grab whatever I need as I need it. So easy and fast!

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

Every time I read your blog I feel like eating vegetables, so your blog is good for me! lol!

Lib said...

Hi Kris,
Looks like you will be very busy!
It will be so good this winter!:o)
Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I have a batch of tomatoes drying in my office as we speak. It's a brilliant way to shrink stuff down and keeps us (just barely) ahead of things we take from the garden. We wouldn't make it with just canning or just dehydrating. I am sort of glad to see the garden run down a little though. All this food is great but a break will be nice!