Monday, September 29, 2008

Why Jessie gets Broken Bones

The weekend was fun. And we are seeing now how Jessie is capable of breaking so many bones (doesn't look too bad here, but keep reading):

We were working on my new pond, and while we were hauling rocks, the kids were playing.

I did get some sewing done - in between soccer games and picnics:

All table runners - but they are table runners that I have had the fabric for for years (one dates back to 1996) so I'm happy to have them 1 step closer to being done!

We went to a picnic Saturday night - one of the firefighter's Todd is a volunteer with is moving to Witchita, Kansas - so a goodbye party was in order (and of course, the only picture that sort of came out was the kids in the hot tub:

And then we had a 4-H picnic last night. For our club, at least, 4-H is done until next March.

And here is a short video of the kids' ride in the wagon:

Whoo hooo! I FINALLY got a video to upload (I've only tried about a zillion times). And now we realize why she gets the broken bones she does.....



isolada. by design said...

Isn't that her in the wagon with a cast on? Too funny! (And good job on uploading the video. It definitely brings life to a blog entry.) Yep, maybe she breaks a bone or two, but I have to admit, a ride like that in a red wagon would be exhilarating.

The table runners are beautiful, each and every one.

Good Monday to you!

Kristie said...

Lots of beautiful sewing!!! Love the video! Kids can get hurt so easily. I know my little Hunter broke two bones in his foot when he was 2. He jumped out of the bathtub and fell, just as simple as that! Then Andrew broke his wrist skateboarding! But I think the wierdist thing that happened is when Andrew was 6 he went on a little trip with his dad in the WV mountains, he called me at work to say that "Andrew shot himself" I just screamed!! But he (ex-husband) is so stupid! He didnt' bother to tell me that Andrew had shot himself in the hand with a BB gun! Andrew had put a worm on the end of the BB gun, held it in place with his hand and pulled the trigger. He said he was trying to shoot the worm into outerspace!!! But it still took about a 4 hour surgery to remove it because it was lodged against a nerve.

Anonymous said...

My kids have discovered wagon riding this summer too though I have never seen them STANDING UP! I can definitely see how broken bones come your way! Still, it looks like a blast!

Lib said...

Hi Kris,
Love,love,love the video lol:o) That would explain broken
Your work is Beautiful!
Looks like ya'll had a fun wk.end!
I just finished part 2 of stocking a pantry if you want ot check it out , if you have any questions just ask ,hopefully I can
Have agreat wk.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I was scared by that title! I thought she had a medical condition or something! Now I know it's tom-boy-itis!! Glad to see she's still living life to the fullest.

audreypawdrey said...

I am always amazed at how much you get accomplished each day-especially while keeping up your activity-filled kids! I remember doing the exact same thing when I was a kid, so much fun, wouldn't dream of it now. I am so impressed at how kids can just jump back up and keep going! Your sewing is beautiful, too!

jacquie said...

yup...i can definitely see why you make trips to the emergency room. do you have your own coffee cup?

Gina said...

OMG You're going to have to tie that child down. She'll be the death of through worry. LOL

Love how the pond is looking.

Love and hugs Gina xxx