Monday, February 11, 2008

Cold, cold weekend

Since it was going to be so cold out on Sunday, I decided to make vegetable/noodle soup for dinner Saturday night. I sort of followed Kelli'e recipe at the Sugar Creek Farm blog for at least cooking my soup bones (which worked out fantastic by the way), and then added some carrots, green beans, diced tomatos and a packet of pea/alphabet noodle soup mix I got at our local bulk food store:

Even Todd, who is not a big soup eater (more meat and potatos) liked it. With a loaf of homemade bread, it definitely hit the spot. And now I know how to cook those soup bones so I don't end up throwing them out in the spring when it is time to clean out the freezers.

No baby calves yet, but 2 of the girls are looking rather close. We were praying it was not going to be last night, as with the windchill the temps were -30 degrees, but so far this morning, there were none on the ground. We have a nice shed with lots of straw for all the cows, so hopefully the mothers won't be dumb and have them out in the field, but these are cows and you never know.

My pond hasn't frozen yet - guess our little stock tank heater is doing it's job, but the water is so murky - I am dying to get in there and clean it up and make it crystal clear again:

School was canceled for today due to the cold, so the kids are enjoying a day at the babysitter's while we are both at work. I didn't get any sewing done this weekend, but my house is clean and my freezers are somewhat organized.

Stay warm,



Granny Lyn said...

oh, I am SUCH a soup and bread person, I have to go check that other blog out, cuz the soup looks great! We even make soup in the summer, homemade is the best!

We (my daughter, Leashie, and I) are looking forward to pictures of the new babies, absolutely nothing cuter than baby pictures!!!
have a wonderful day,

Granny Lyn said...

ok, just me, checking up to see if the Sunbonnet Sue was a picture perfect quilt yet, tee hee

Can't wait to see it!