Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Farmer Ingenuity

Our driveway is atrocious - especially after all of the snow and wind the last 2 days. In the past, Todd has always used our skidloader & bucket to "plow" the driveway, but this takes a while (usually about 45 min. to an hour on a good day) and it's cold sitting out there in a skidloader.

This past summer he found a snowplow for a truck for $50 - but not to put on his truck (as he said I don't want to beat up my truck with a snowplow on it.) Plus, I think if he put it on his truck, he would get lots of requests for driveway plowing, which he didn't want to do. hehe

So he converted it to run on the pallet forks of the skidloader:

So far so good - 10 minutes to clear a 1/4 mile driveway of 8+" of drifted snow from today (which included some playing around making snow piles I am sure).


Granny Lyn said...

I live in Michigan, right on Lake Michigan, and 8" is nothing for us, so I know all about snow removal, but that is a genious scheme to put it on a farm-based engine, "Sorry, ca'nt take the skid loader on the road" excuse is perfect,,,tee hee
there is alot to be said about "farmer's enginuity"
thanks for sharing,

5 Chicks and a Farmer said...

Bless your hearts! I'm feeling for you guys.....especially after seeing this!

We are experiencing signs of Spring down here in Texas. Not to make you jealous or anything.....but to give you HOPE! Spring will indeed come.

I love farmer's ingenuity! There is nothing like it.


jacquie said...

Now this is creativity! I know what hard work this is. I'm so lucky that my dad (at age 78) is a wizard with his tractor blade. He plows our driveway which is 1/8 of a mile and very steep. We couldn't get up that hill without him. Right now it's warming up and everything is so squishy! Hopefully it will warm so that we can put on some gravel and get everything back in order. Have a fantastic weekend. By the way...that black and white quilt is amazing! Did someone in your family make it? Can't wait to see it when you are done quilting!