Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Decisions, decisions

In my efforts to finish up all my projects before starting any new ones, I started working on m red white and blue quilt top. It will be small (12 9" blocks) but I'm getting into it.

My only problem is deciding if I put a double border around the outside edge or a single border:

Any suggestions?

I kind of like both of them. Then I plan to put either a red or a blue patterned fabric border around it all and that will be as big as it gets.

I'm not sure what I will use this for, other than as a lap quilt for somewhere. I love the stars, and I really just love anything americana.

. . .

For those of you who are into eating local, there was an interesting conversation happening at work today:

One of our attorneys raises chickens, and has been bringing in 2-3 dozen eggs every day for the other employees. One of the secretaries says she'll take 2 dozen eggs, until she opens the cartons Oh, they aren't white eggs - are you sure they are safe to eat? We just looked at her, and her response was I don't think that brown eggs are as healthy for you as white eggs, and their shells aren't nice and shiny clean, so they must be contaminated. (this is as I am jumping up and down because we are going to be eating local homegrown eggs). The attorney had to ask her if she'd never heard of a sink and water and washing eggs, whether you get them from your local farmer or from the store. . . . I myself had to walk away before I said something that would have gotten me fired. . . .

Mind you, this is also the girl who told me yesterday - I don't think I could eat beef brought off of you because it would not be as safe to eat as what you can buy in the grocery store. HELLO!!! Haven't you seen the latest beef recall?

Todd says he would like to take her on a tour of a fast food restaurant and let her see what meats go into the burgers there, and see what meats go into some hotdogs and other pieces parts.

Sometimes, some people's thoughts just amaze the heck out of us.. . . it also makes me wonder where people get the ideas they have. . . .

I am getting closer to convincing Todd to get chickens - I was showing him Angie's, Sugar Creek Farm's, and Yonder Way Farm'schickens. He spent some time online looking at everyone's chickens, and left it at we do have a small shed that we aren't using - maybe we ought to put it to use this summer.
Stay warm everyone - it's 10 degrees here in central Ohio!!



Anonymous said...

Oh how I know what you mean about people and their rather ignorant assumptions about food. My sister once told me she'd rather eat pesticides than run the risk of a bug touching her food!! Now of course, she's as into local and organic food as I am!! Maybe you should leave a copy of Fast Food Nation on her desk! ;) Oh, I hope you do get chickens. They are soooooo enjoyable on many levels.

Granny Lyn said...

If you're still taking votes for the border, I vote for the double, with the blocks staggered as they are on the left hand side of the picture, not "striped" as they are on the bottom of that picture, clear as mud?? tee hee I absolutely love your Americanna quilt, and might just start one of my own???
As for the assumption that "homegrown" isn't good enough, I honestly thought people outgrew that after the age of 12..??? of course, we live in farm country, and we drank only goat's milk for years, my son had allergies, and cow's milk set off all kinds of haywire effects, and we always bought our eggs from our neighbors. Only the best will do for my family! :-)
thanks for sharing,