Friday, February 22, 2008

Mindless Evenings

I love down home, good for you simple cooking. And I remembered to put my roast in the crock pot last night, it cooked all night, and this morning at 6:30 before leaving for work, I dumped in onions, carrots and potatoes. Umm good. We tend to eat very basic, good for you food here at home, but I am not into eating a roast in 90 degree July weather, so in the winter, I make it about every other week. The good thing was, it was mostly all local foods - our roast, a farmer's potatoes and onions - I can say I honestly don't know where the carrots came from, and same goes for the salt and pepper. I did make a loaf of bread (in my bread machine today while I was at work) and the butter we got from our local bulk food store.

Since I've been trying to get a number of quilt tops finished up so I can go on a quilting spree this weekend and next week, I needed something mindless to sew - that I wouldn't have to think too hard on tonight. I found 2 pillow case kits that my Mom had brought a number of years ago (I'm thinking at least 10 years back), and decided to put them together. They were so quick, I'm now thinking that I can make some for our beds in between the quilting projects:

I may never use these, and they may in fact make it onto my Etsy shop this weekend, but oh how quick they went - I think I spent about 30 minutes on both of them. Jessie may have something to say about me getting rid of them, especially the valentines day one, but I can distract her with a wild print pillowcase (hopefully)

My house is also now decorated for Easter. While we were home yesterday, Tyler wanted something to do, so I dragged out the Easter decorations and let him "decorate." Of course, all my snowmen had to come down (didn't seem right to have snowmen and bunnies out together), but I am SO READY for spring. It's 24 degrees out, blowing and snowing, and I am sick of it. School was canceled here (I really don't know why, the roads weren't all that bad), but this makes day 6 for the year, so they will have to make it up in June, and any days that are missed in the coming weeks. I always get a little blue this time of year, but it seems to be hitting harder than usual. I will say though, it does brighten my day to see everyone's comments here, and to go cruising around reading everyone's blogs. Am I the only one that gets excited every time I see new posts on someone else's blog?

This weekend will be a quiet weekend, if I have anything to say about it. Weather permitting, we are going to clean out the heifer and cattle pens, and the horse stalls one last time before the spring rush.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekends,



Granny Lyn said...

Love the pillow cases, and Jesse is right about the Valentines Day one, I like it, too!
Alot of people I know here in Michigan have SAD so maybe all you need is some good ol sunshine, sure works for my DH.
Hope you have a sunshiny day!

Anonymous said...

Yes, this is always a tough time of the year. Easy to get depressed. Not enough sunshine and too much snow. Let's hope March brings a lasting thaw and pleny of sunshine.