Sunday, February 24, 2008


Unfortunately, it was not a "fresh" ham - it was a precooked, presliced jobbie that Todd got from his former employer for Christmas one year. But as I was contemplating tonight's dinner (last night), I realized if I cook this ham, he could have lunch sandwiches for the next week or so that would be way, way better for him than actual lunch meat (and a lot cheaper, as we already had the ham). So I thawed it and I cooked it. I had intended to make homemade scalloped potatoes to go with it, but my desire for home cooking petered out after making bread and cookies yesterday (which are now all gone), so we did baked potatoes and green peas.

And every now and then, life on the farm will throw you for a whammy. I had intended to do nothing but fun stuff this weekend. Instead, I was thrown a curve ball and did this:

  • I ran way over on our family plan cell phone minutes last month when my sister was in the hospital (to the tune of a $240 cell phone bill) and Verizon told me if I came in and got Todd a new phone and changed our plan, they would wipe out the overage on our bill. So Todd got a new cell phone on Friday, which meant that Saturday morning I was in Wal-mart at 11:00 in the morning looking for a new case as his new phone is much bigger than his old one (and I was NOT paying $55 for the case that comes with his phone at Verizon)

  • Todd also decided that he needed to castrate/vaccinate and ear tag all 4 calves that we have had this year so far. And guess who was nominated to help? I am not a good one with knives or ear taggers, so it was my job to HOLD THE CALVES. This wasn't hard, until we got to our oldest calf who is 2 months old. I failed miserably holding this poor guy. I did manage to, barely, semi-contain him, and then had to sort of sit on him and choke hold him to keep him down.

  • I have scrubbed my kitchen floor on my hands and knees 3 times this weekend, and will be doing it again here tonight after we eat dinner and the kids are in bed. Living on the farm means lots of poop, which inevitably gets dragged into the house with the - I just need this, or I just need a quick drink. And, I am a fanatic about keeping my floor clean (I hate gritty floors) I saw Lyndsey at Yonder Way Farm has a post on the Swiffer Scrubber and homemade recipes for floor cleaners. I have my list and am going to the store tomorrow.

  • This afternoon I also had to help clean off the cow lot. We have a 20 x 40 concrete area with head gates, as well as a 1 acre lot they stay in this time of year. Of course, with the round bale feeder being on the concrete, the cows like to congregate there. And it gets filled up with poop. Todd and 2 of his buddies were here this afternoon doing various manly things, but then AFTER they leave - he needs help running gates to scrape it off with the skidloader - and I get nominated again. The reason I get nominated - is I'm not afraid of the cows (One of the guys that was here is used to dairy cows, and he thinks ours are going to come after him - as Todd says, "it is just easier if you help me, and I don't spend my time laughing at him.") Pretty exciting stuff being told you are a better farm hand to your hubby than his friends. (Of course, if he wants to use the muscle of his friends, I am perfectly happy with this, as then I can do what I had planned to do over the weekend and did not get done).

  • I have also picked up more toys this weekend than I can ever remember. I wish (as do the kids) that they could get outside and play - but winter is still around.

  • I have sorted through 267 boxes of girl scout cookies that Jessie sold to make sure I had everyone's order. Now the fun part is delivering them all. . . .

Speaking of Wal-mart, are people just not shopping like they used too? I avoid that store like the plague, but when I was there Saturday a.m. (prime shopping time) there was NO ONE there. I was able to park right up front, and be in and out of there in 15 minutes. I know we aren't shopping like we used to, but I was impressed. Not impressed enough to start shopping there unless I really need something they carry, but. . .

I hear we are also to get more snow - just what we need. I am going this week to buy the rest of my seeds, so that here in about 2 weeks I can start my garden seeds indoors. I've had little success with this in the past, but after reading Angie's blog and joining her Take 5 group, I am ready to try again (and again, if necessary).

Bring on Spring!!!


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Granny Lyn said...

The ham smells good! making me hungry! :-)

girly-girl, your husband is lucky to have you, out there working your tail off, and then coming in to scrub floors, you are awesome!!!
thank you for making me feel lazy...tee hee