Thursday, February 7, 2008

Quilting Night

I love nights like this one - busy, but relaxing and I actually got a chance to sit down and sew:

I also love quilting when I am further along than I realize:

(yes, the one row has a jig jog in it, but I will rip that out tonight and redo it).

Now it's just do the outer borders, bind it and DONE. I had originally just intended to quilt around each Sunbonnet Sue and the inside of the blocks and let that be enough, but realized quickly that if I ever want to wash it, it needs to be a little more sturdy. So I did straight lines up and down the inside borders, and will go around the outside in straight lines. All in all, I am pleased with how it is coming out.

I should have worked on Tyler's firetruck quilt, but really wasn't in the mood to do a lot of thinking. This weekend it's supposed to be super cold out, so I will get some work done on it.

My sister's recovery seems to be moving very fast. She is on the regular heart ward hospital floor, eating and talking and starting to move around. Still very weak, but much, much improved. She was not believing anyone who said it was Tuesday/Wednesday 1 week later when she was really with it, and I would have loved to have been a mouse in the corner to see and hear her reaction. Her sons went up to visit her tonight, I am sure they are much relieved. **I just heard early on Friday that she could be discharged completely from the hospital as early as this Sunday, as soon as her chest tubes come out - YIPPEEE**

I am getting anxious for spring - so anxious I had to go out and buy some herbs to start in pots this weekend. We have a southeast facing room with lots of windows and it gets nice and sunny and warm. I figured I'll start them out now, and later on transplant them into my garden. Just couldn't wait for decent weather thought - had to get my greenhouse fix in February. I am really looking forward to gardening this year - I think it will be fun to be part of the Take Five group from childreninthecorn.

No cattle babies yet, but a couple are looking closer. The race is on already - more boys or more girls (and the kids are the main culprits - "HAHA we've got more boys" or vice versa). At least they are into raising animals and living on the farm.

Stay warm, everyone.

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Anonymous said...

Finally after 50+ years I get the satisfaction of seeing this quilt getting done. Been a long time coming. You are doing a great job and its going to be gorgeous. Mom