Monday, February 18, 2008


In a prior life!!! Or at least very young in life???

Apparently, we are in the midst of calving season. I get off work at 4:00 every day, and after picking up the kids, I usually roll in the drive about 4:40, 4:45 or so. I always check to make sure no one is standing in the back of the front lot, especially this time of the year, just so no one is calving.

Todd calls me at 4:50 - "any calves yet?" "Nope, not a one"

. . .

then he gets home and GUESS WHAT IS IN THE SHED????

Another bull calf. My excuse was, with all the rain (1 1/2 inches yesterday) everything is sopping wet, and he is a chocolate brown calf that blended right in with the wet and muddy straw:

So I will have to redeem myself with the next calf that I really do pay attention (and as I pointed out, with the round bale feeder and the head gates, it is a little difficult to see into the shed), but still. . . Momma is fine, baby is feisty so all is well in our little corner of the world.

Boys - 4; Girls - 0

Hope everyone enjoys their evening,


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