Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sara Update

My sister's surgery was such an amazing success - she is off the ventilator, off most of her meds (but pain medicine), awake and coherent now and she should be out of ICU by Wednesday and into a regular room where my kids can visit her (they adore their Aunt Sara - it's like having another kid around sometimes). Her heart is functioning the way it should, so she should be set for a few years now.

Does anyone else take pictures of flower beds and gardens while driving down the road? I realized I have a bunch of pictures of flower beds that I see that I like on my computer at home, so I can someday (?) duplicate them.

I ordered some seeds yesterday - can't wait to get started. Of course, when I'm planting all these plants this spring, I'll be wondering why I want to work so hard. . . . but when it comes time to eat it all, we will be so thankful to have fresh fruits and veggies - and since my kids don't like a lot of sweets, it will be nice. They'd rather eat a cucumber than a cookie.

See ya,

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Anonymous said...

hooray!!! for Aunt Sara, huge steps this soon after surgery :)

my DH is also chomping at the bit for Spring and the chance to garden, he LOVES his flowers, and his only wish is to die while Lilacs are in bloom. He is on cloud nine when the crocuses are poking up out of the snow.
Here's to blossoms!