Wednesday, March 26, 2008

50+ & SUNNY!!!

This is more like it - the weather I am loving. It was sunny yesterday, no breeze in sight, and I had all the windows open to air out the house from the mustiness.

I walked outside, the driveway is drying out, the grass is starting to dry out, the birds are singing. The kids played outside from the moment we got home (I had to drag them in to eat).

Then I worked on this:

And I am extremely happy with it so far. It's a lot smaller (8 inches x 10 inches or so) but it fits me. And the yellow and blue is growing on me.

Today, if it doesn't rain I am going to work outside - but it's looking pretty cloudy. I have an unexpected day off - my babysitter and her son are both home with the flu, and we certainly don't want Tyler getting sick with his surgery on Monday - so I am going to enjoy my day off!!

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