Monday, March 17, 2008

Spring Soccer is Here

Well, it started tonight - Jessie had soccer practice. So spring has to be close. They didn't have to play in the snow tonight, but it was close. Of course, it was so freaking freezing (40 degrees). Tyler thought - insisted - that all of us go - so we all went. Then Todd and I sat in the Durango while Jessie ran around, and Tyler played off to the side kicking his soccer ball. He's coming down with a cold - no wonder with the weather changes - but we are babying him along - he is getting his tonsils out on the 31st, and I want him healthy for that.

So tonight, I'm not very motivated. I did a block for my Mom's Trail to Kansas Quilt - it's getting there. Then I played with pillowcases for the kids - they are all cut out, just need sewn together. I was going to do pj's for the kids out of my vintage sheets, but if I make them now, the kids will want to wear them, and I want Tyler to be warm at night yet - especially until his tonsils come out.

Jessie's will be wild looking (to go with her wild flip flops and her hot pink bed sheets):

And Tyler's will be - what else but Firetrucks:

I just love the vintage fire truck print. I had to order it (and the helmets and one with fire hoses). Not sure where I will use them in his room, but. . . I want to be prepared. I would really like to find some firetruck/fire station pictures that I could frame to hang on his walls of various stations from throughout the country. Guess I will have to get thinking on that - as his birthday is coming up here on April 5th.

No baby calf yet - but as I stood there tonight helping do chores (by filling water troughs) you could just see the calf bouncing around inside her. Reminds me of when I was pregnant with both kids, and how it always felt like they were being trapeze artists off of my rib cage.
We also spent some time online looking at the McMurray Hatchery website. I want chickens, Todd is thinking on this. I of course, want the fancy breeds, and he wants plain old boring ones. Who knows what we will end up with though - maybe not for this year yet, but at least he is thinking. . . .


jacquie said...

It seems every time I read your blog I get nostalgic about things we have done years ago. Could it be that we're living similar lives in different times. I can't tell you how many bone chilling hours we spent at soccer practices and games. Enjoy every minute of it!

Philigry said...

oh, i love that truck print too. so cute! you did get quite a bit done!

Granny Lyn said...

I hope you win the "chicken wars" because some of the fancy breeds are beautiful, and easier to take care of.

The pillowcases are perfect, and the kids will love them.

And I cannot tell you how many sports events I have stood in the snow to watch. Soccer starts now for us, too, so they have enough weeks to play before school gets out. We still have about a foot of snow in the yard, and about 5 foot snow banks at the end of the driveway.
BRRRRRRR! my boys used to wear their uniforms over snow pants!
thanks for sharing,,,,