Wednesday, March 5, 2008

More Ohio Weather

This is what we look like after 24+ hours of freezing rain and temps in the 20's. The roads never got really bad (other than some areas of the county ran out of salt and were just taking care of the main roads), but everything has a coating of ice:

This is our deck railing right up next to the house - you can see the funky layer of ice on top of the railing - it gets thicker the further away from the house you get:

I personally think it's very pretty - when I'm sitting inside and have a rip-roaring fire going in the woodburner:) Thank goodness we never lost power due to the ice (the last time we had an ice storm not near as bad as this - we lost power for 3 days - right before Christmas - the power came back on Christmas Eve at 2:30 for us - just in time to take showers and go to my parents).

There was a coating of 2 -3 inches of ice on our cars this morning. But hey, by the end of next week it will be in the high 40's and feel like a heat wave.

The cows were smart, and none of them had their babies last night. Although 2 more are looking awfully close. I'm on calf patrol tonight while Todd is at a special fire practice.

Stay warm,

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Granny Lyn said...

Brrrrr, we got the snow version of your ice, so your's looks wayyyy colder!
and how smart are those cows?? I wouldn't want to have a calf in that weather, either!
Thanks for sharing, good luck with calf detail,