Thursday, March 20, 2008

Signs of Spring

It was 40 degrees out when we got done eating dinner, and the sun was out - so we went out and did a little bit of picking up around the farm. I hauled several empty boxes and other junk out of the basement to hopefully burn this weekend, and then took a little walk, looking for some signs of spring:




Tulip - that little red spike

Guess I had better think about cleaning out all the dead stuff from my flowerbeds this spring, once it warms up a little more:) Proof that most of the snow has melted, even if we now have little rivers running everywhere:

This is part of our yard, and our horse pasture/cow overflow pasture. There are maybe 5-6 acres in this pasture (the fence is on the far side, by that line of pine trees, which is 1 edge of our property), and when the horses cannot keep up, we run the cows over here and let them eat it down. There's not much shade over here, so we try and time it when it's not really hot out for the cows to be over here.

The kids had fun helping - getting muddy - playing. Tyler thought it would be fun to "feed" the cows hay. Never mind that right there is the round bale feeder, where they have access to half a bale of hay. He must've thought they would starve if he didn't hand feed them:

This is our bargin corn crib - we brought it off of a friend 2 or 3 years ago - we only plant 2 acres of corn -just enough for us to grind into feed for our cows (and in the center of the 2 acres - we plant 8 rows of sweet corn trying to hide it from the racoons with limited success) - it was filled up to that 2x4 going across the bin last fall - this is how much we have used. This is a favorite place of Tyler's to play - when it's relatively empty, that is.

So now after tonight, I am really hopeful that spring is on the way. Or at least, some sunshine and warmer temperatures!! Angie - I'm doing my garden post tomorrow - YIKES - it's rather long!!:)



5 Chicks and a Farmer said...

I'm so glad you are finally seeing green things popping up in the fields. It is amazing what a few warmer (which warmer there is still probably considered winter in Tejas:) days do in the nature world.

I can't wait to read about your garden. This year I am a key player in our garden and I've NEVER had one before. That is a very scary thought. I will need lots of tips!


Granny Lyn said...

The first signs of Spring, makes us kind of giddy, doesn't it? I am such a Spring person!

Tyler is going to make a wonderful farmer, already he's caring about the animals.
Thanks for sharing your farm life with us.

Finn said...

Hi Kris, how wonderful to have a warm enough evening to get outside and do a bit of clean up. I hope that your family hss been safe from all the weather stuff, rain, flooding,etc that has been hittig the midsection.
We are 'blizzing'up here in my part of WI today...not as much snow as around chicago, but high winds and enough snow for whiteouts.
It was wonderful to see those early signs of spring on your land. Thanks for sharing. Big hugs and happy Easter, Finn