Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Garden Plans & more soccer

I was going to do a post on my garden plans for the year, but don't have any pretty pictures to add (and it is to late to even take pictures of all of my seed packets and the seed starting supplies I have accumulated in the last couple of weeks), so instead, here are some soccer pictures from Tyler's practice tonight:

His coach had practice in the elementary school gym, rather than out in the snow and freezing rain (typical Ohio - 50 degrees one day, 30's and snow the next). Tyler was rather "on the fence" last year if he wanted to even play soccer, but we made him at least finish out the season, and tonight he told me he wants to go to soccer practice every night. Go figure.

Then tonight when we got home, I made this tator tot casserole for dinner:

Hopefully tomorrow night I will be more motivated, and will do a post on the veggies and fruits we want to have in our garden. This weekend I am hoping to clean out my basement and organize my freezers (2 chest freezers and a refrigerator freezer) in preparation for all of the yummy foods we will have. And, I am having Easter dinner at our house, so that will involve some cleaning and cooking.

Here's also a little pillow I did for Jessie's bed - I got her and Tyler's new pillowcases done, and made this quick little pillow out of the leftovers. I want to put a button in the center on each side, and it is a little small (10 inches square) but it was quick.

Have a good day everyone,



Anonymous said...

That would be good pillow for my pillow collection. You know how I love pillows. I think I need to go to the fabric store. Mom

Philigry said...

i love tater tots! the pillow is cute too!