Friday, March 14, 2008

Thanks Lynsey!!!!

Thanks Lynsey!! Now I have had to really think, and come up with some answers. . . .

Where was I 10 years ago?:
10 years ago at this point in time Todd and I were renting a house about 20 miles from our current farm, and this summer (July 11th to be exact) marks 10 years that we have been living on the farm. I was showing horses competitively throughout the State of Ohio, and not thinking that in 10 years I’d be a wife, running a small farm, working full time, and mother to 2 wonderful active children.
Things on my to-do list today. . . :
Today - just work until 4, get the kids, make dinner (baked spaghetti casserole), clean up after dinner, make my kids some pj’s after they go to bed and vacuum the house (the plug got pulled out and I haven’t vacuumed since Saturday - this is really killing me).

Since today is not a real full day (because I have to work until 4) this is my to-do list for Saturday: Clean the house (an ongoing battle), start my seeds for my garden, watch Todd and my Dad install a new water heater and a new water softener this afternoon (the heater which died Monday night and is temporarily fixed, and the softener which died last fall), cook dinner, help with chores, read blogs:), try and get some sewing in, and do some laundry.
What would I do if I suddenly became a billionaire?:
That is easy - I would give some to charity and local churches, pay off the farm, give some money to various family members, buy both of us more environmentally friendly cars, give a huge donation to our local 4-h, Central Fire District (where Todd is a volunteer) and Town & Country Fire Dept. (where we live), buy more land in our school district, buy more cows, buy another horse that is kid safe so Tyler, Jessie and I could ride horses together, fund college funds for our children, retirement funds for us, and definitely quit my job.
What are 3 of my bad habits?:
I don’t exercise - ever. In the summer I get plenty of exercise working in my gardens, riding horses, walking with the kids while they ride their bikes in town and swimming, but in the winter - nothing.
I don’t keep a good list of what I need at the store, and forever running at lunch or stopping after work to pick up little things (I’ve been forgetting shaving gel for Todd for 3 weeks now - I will stop tonight - if I remember:)).
I cook enough to feed a third world country when I get motivated to cook, but then I have a hard time eating leftovers (I don't like a lot of food in it's leftover form), and end up throwing away tons of food. I am trying to get better, but. . .
5 jobs I have had:
my current job - legal secretary
horse trainer/riding instructor
assembly line in a factory
vet assistant
short order cook
I really had to think on that one - I’ve been a secretary for so long - 14 years. . . .
5 things you don’t know about me:
I hate tomatoes, but love spaghetti, pizza sauce and chilli. I just can’t handle tomatoes in their natural state (although I am starting 60 tomato plants Saturday for our families’ consumption).
The older I get the lighter my gag reflex gets. I’ve been gagging at stuff that never used to bother me (some involving kids’ bodily functions - sorry about that, but it’s getting funny the older they get). Dirt (and other substances) on the kitchen floor, or any floor in the house really, freaks me out and also makes me gag, and I am forever mopping, sweeping and vacuuming.

I am obsessive compulsive about certain things (like the way our bed is made, and how clean my kitchen floor is). When I had Jessie, our house was trashed after a week of running non-stop, and Todd thought he would help me out by hiring my sister-in-law to clean it up before I came home. Little did he know (or understand) that I like our bed made a certain way, and the first night I was home it was major meltdown time when I went to bed and dissolved into tears because it wasn’t made the right way, and we had to take the sheets off and remake it - they were all on there, just not the way I like to have it made to climb into bed. And other things housecleaning wise I could care less about.

I am learning to enjoy thrifting/remaking/redoing for various decorations/needs in our house. I think groceries (brought at a grocery store) are the biggest waste of money there is - hence the rather large garden this summer. I am rethinking our spending habits, and trying to be more thrifty due to the economy (or lack thereof)

I drive entirely too fast and rely constantly on cruise control to keep me at the speed limit (or a couple above) even going through town at 35.

And now, I tag: Kellie, Lynn, Angie, Christina and Jacquie - hope you 5 enjoy this!! And if you are reading this and I didn't specifically tag you - feel free to consider yourself tagged!!


5 Chicks and a Farmer said...

Wow! I just learned so much about you!

Thanks for sharing and giving us a glimpse into your world. I am also with you about the floor grit! It freaks me out. I have a crawler so I'm obsessive about this.


jacquie said...

Thanks for the tag. Do I just have to answer these questions? It's great seeing those pinwheels up close. I just love them, the fabrics...way to go with the thrift shop finds. I'm actually heading out tomorrow for some major thrifting. Hope I'll score like you did! Have a great weekend and National Quilting Day!

Philigry said...

loved reading more about you. My gag refeex is getting bad too! i never used to have this problem, but now it is awful! I am glad i am not the ony one!

Granny Lyn said...

I love learning all the "quirks"
and knowing I'm not the only one who tips the "quirk scale" a bit. :)
Am I the Lynn?
thanks for sharing yourself wtih us,