Monday, March 3, 2008

Practice DOES make perfect

I finished up quilting my pink quilt over the weekend - and have been slowly working on putting the binding on (I'm about 2/3 of the way done with it). The handsewing has to be my least favorite part, but I am determined to finish it. Don't know yet what I will do with it - other than put it on my Etsy shop.

With all that practice, I went back to Tyler's quilt to try and tackle it. I felt so uncordinated when I first started quilting his - I had that quilt everywhere. But I feel a little more cordinated and feel like it is going much smoother. It didn't help the first time around that he was hanging over my shoulder asking is it done yet? I want it on my bed tonight. Little monster. I finally told him if he didn't keep asking me I was going to pitch it (at the worst moment when things weren't going well) then felt so bad for telling him that - I promised to make him sheets and pillowcases to go with it (do I have SUCKER on my head for my kids and their wishes?). But this time around is going so much better - I'm enjoying it.

And tonight he tells me just which fabric out of his quilt that he wants his sheet set made out of (one of the fabrics with the fire helmet will work just fine for my sheets mommy - I'm not going to be picky). This kid has an amazing memory - he can remember things from years ago that we have long forgotten.

We had our teaser spring day today - 63 and sunny (which I thoroughly enjoyed by cleaning out my truck over my lunch break at work). Of course, tomorrow there will be freezing rain and ice - Yippee skippy.

A few more cows are looking closer to calving - and knowing them, they will wait until tomorrow night when we are in the midst of this ice storm.

I think I have all of my seeds to start either this weekend or next - and I got my peat pellets and my trays. I have to go this week and find some sort of light to use on them - last year they got very tall and leggy, but we didn't put them under a light.


5 Chicks and a Farmer said...

Good gracious me! The fire helmet quilt is adorable. I LOVE it!

I'm glad you got to peak at Spring today.

Have a great night!

jacquie said...

Pink, pink, pink...I adore pink quilts. Tyler's quilt looks like it's coming along just fine. I do admire your free motion quilting. No, I simply envy it!!!

Anonymous said...

You amaze me with those quilts!! Keep the seed tray close to the lights, and your seeds won't get so leggy.

Finn said...

Hello, I just linked over from Granny Lyn's and am so happy to be saying "hi" happy to have you in blogland.
I think your pink quilt is very pretty. I don't like the binding part much either, seems like it takes forever, but I'm working at ejoying EACH part of the process from scrap cutting to the hand binding.
Your machine quilting looks very wonderful to me...and hurray for mommy making sheets *VBS* Doesn't get better than that!
I totally hear you on the lifestyle choice. I've had my years of 'back to the land', raising the 5 kids and most all of our food and even keeping bees.
But that's was long ago, and 30+ years later, I'm living quietly in retirement, but do enjoy hearing you young gals head for a quilting or soapmaking adventure. Good for you!
You take care and don't get discouraged, you're totally on the right track. Hugs, Finn

Anonymous said...

I really like the pink quilt and Tyler's is just perfect for him. He is such a boy and wants to be like Dad. Just one question?? Did I get fired from hand sewing quilt bindings?? Mom

Granny Lyn said...

Oh, Oh, Oh, I am so envious of your quilting, it is perfect. I agree with Tyler, the light blue with the Fireman Hats is my favorite, too. :) The pink quilt is awesome, (my favorite part is the binding, am I sick or what?)
I'm also envious of your Spring day, it was nice here, but we still have about 3 ft of snow in the yard.
thanks for sharing,