Sunday, March 9, 2008

Weekend Projects

I said I was going to do nothing but fun stuff this weekend, and I think I succeeded very well!!

Tyler's firetruck quilt is finished, except for the binding (and it seemed like it took forever!!):

This week I will take it up to my Mom's and she can do the handsewing!!!

I did work on my black and white star quilt, it is about 1/4 of the way quilted, however, I ran out of white thread and my camera batteries died before I could get a picture:( The red white and blue quilts are totally finished (except for the binding). I have binding for 1 of the red white and blue ones and Tyler's fire truck all cut, sewn together and ready to sew on.

And (not that I needed another project) - I started a new quilt. I brought this material 12-14-15? years ago, never knowing what I was going to do with it, and decided to do this:

The white I had brought that long ago as well, who knows what I was planning on using it on, but this should be cute whenever I get it done. So far, I have 18 of those blocks sewn together (each block is 11.5 inches square), and I think I have enough fabric for a total of 28 of the blocks. Haven't a clue on borders, backing or binding, but I didn't have to buy any fabric for it (yet) and it gave me a break from quilting when I needed it.

I also made a double batch of yogurt this weekend, and now I am off to clean my house and make dinner - which I think will be steaks and baked potatoes. Have to think on this a little bit. Next weekend I think I need to start my seeds for my garden - my rather large garden, which should be fun. I also need to clean up outside some, weather permitting. Although it's supposed to be up in the high 40's by this weekend.



Finn said...

Hi Kris, OMG, I can't belive how much snow that stormed dumped on you guys!! Just amazing. And absolutely NOTHING up here in my part of's been weeks since we've had fresh snow enough to shovel or plow. I suppose it's coming tho, basketball tournaments are getting underway and that seems to bring at least one blizzard.
Love all that you are getting done! And the new pinwheels quilt will be soooo pretty. Love that simple block..always looks good no matter what size you make the HST's. Keep up the great job! Hugs, Finn

jacquie said...

You have been busy! Tyler's quilt is so fun. I'm sure he loves it. And pinwheels too. When you get batteries, show a close up of those fabrics. I love pinwheels too...I'm sewing some now. How weird is that? btw...Sara is your that is so fun! Like I told her, how lucky to have a quilty sister!

Granny Lyn said...

Wow, I can't believe all you've done over the weekend, see what being snowed is does for you? :-)

Tyler's quilt is so great, and your quilting looks nice and even! I should take lessons from you!
the pinwheels are my favorite, tho, soft and simple, absolutely beautiful!
thanks for sharing all that, and can't wait to see the black & white!