Sunday, March 30, 2008

Quiet Weekend

It's been quiet here on the farm the last couple days. Mainly because it is just to dang muddy to do anything. Just when it starts to dry out - we get an inch of rain. But right now, it's 48 degrees, so I'm not complaining because it's been in the high 40's, low 50's this weekend. I'll take it (for now) with the mud.

Of course, mud means that we have to keep the cows and calves bedded up pretty good - who would want to lay around in wet straw and mud all the time? So Todd brought home 5 big square bales yesterday that he brought off of a neighbor farmer. The kids of course thought they were fun to play on, they were up so high:

These are going to be my projects while waiting around while Tyler is in surgery tomorrow getting his tonsils and adnoids taken out:

We'll see if I can concentrate on them. I've had the star one done for a number of years, just didn't have the binding on it, and I quick made the other one for Tyler's nighstand.

I've also had pillowcases cut out for both of them, and just finished sewing them up (I'm having motivation problems lately - just not getting much totally completed):

I did make myself a new purse and wallet - I love the yellow and blue, it's just not me at the moment, and these chickens spoke to me (how bad is that, that fabric chickens are talking to me now??):

Hopefully tonight to tomorrow (after Tyler's surgery), I will finally get my seeds started - every weekend I say I'm going to do it, and then we get busy. If I'm reading the calendar right, this weekend is 7 weeks until our last frost date for this area, so I've still got time as I've never had much luck putting anything out before Memorial Day, but. . .I'm anxious to get them going.

Have a good start to the week!! I'll be back post surgery:)


jacquie said...

I'll be thinking of you and Tyler. Hope all goes well. Those chickens are so darn cute. I would look smashing carrying that bag!

Philigry said...

you are a very busty woman! I hope Tyler is doing okay!