Monday, June 23, 2008

and then there were 15

We picked up the 2nd batch of chicks - 7 cute little Rhode Island Reds (for the longest time I was calling them Long Island Reds - must've been thinking of something else?).

What a difference in size a week makes - Yikes!!

The hatchery says it will be fine to dump them all together right off the bat - we shall see - I have my doubts. But just in case I have to rescue them, I have a rubbermaid tote and another heat lamp at the ready.

The ones we got last week are starting to get feathers already - and seeing them next to the new batch - silly me for thinking they weren't eating much!!

On other news, I did gets lots done this weekend - I'll post tomorrow with what all I have gotten done - both crafting wise and farming wise.

See ya,

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