Monday, June 2, 2008


Here's some pictures I took tonight while I was out and about on the farm tonight. Well, okay, here's a lot of pictures:

Our Maine bull - 3 years old

The rent-a-bull (purebred Angus)

The rent-a-bull and his harem (all yearling heifers)

The new job is going fantastic. It's interesting, different, but more laid back. And it's a big help being done at 2:00 every day. I can be home after picking up both kids by 2:30 at the latest (if I don't stop anywhere on the way home). We've had some gorgeous weather here - high 70's low 80's with lots and lots of sun. I'm red, Jessie is red and Tyler is just brown.

I think we are mostly ready for chickens - Todd and Tyler put the fence and the nest boxes up yesterday afternoon. For all you chicken owners - is this a big enough run to get 24 chickens started??? (there are 7 or 8 eight foot panels going around the outside)?????

Jessie goes back to the doctor on Friday to see about getting her cast off. She is so sick and tired of it, it's not funny. She is very good at getting around on crutches (and I still catch her trying to walk on it every now and again) but ...hopefully Friday they will be able to put it in a splint/brace for a few weeks and that will be the end of this whole fiasco.

And absolutely no quilting has gotten done this past week. I'm hoping to rectify that tomorrow.

And of course, more flower power pictures:

Varigated Weigela & Iris

My wild flowerbed

Red yarrow - this will turn yellow by the end

of the bloom season - but right now it is bright red.

Have a good evening everyone!!!


Gina said...

What gorgeous bulls. Are they friendly.
My farmer friend has a bull and he'll come when called and follow you round like a puppy.

love and hugs xxx

Anonymous said...

Great pics! Glad your enjoying the new job. As for the chicken space, that should work. Although if you have hawks in your area, you may want to put bird netting across the top.

Dawn said...

Thank you for the peaceful walk through your yard. I feel as if I really came over and got a first-hand look at your animals and beautiful flowers. The red yarrow is especially beautiful (and me, with my verrrrrrrrrry limited knowledge of flowers did not know yarrow could be such a beautiful shade of red.)

jacquie said...

That is one BIG bull. I've always been scared of them. Glad the new job is working out. Enjoy the nice weather and don't work too hard!

Granny Lyn said...

Good luck to Jessie, hope the Dr. puts a splint on , then her skin can at least breathe at night.

I just love all your blossoms, and especially the iris.

Tristin said...

70s and 80s-- Sounds WONDERFUL! We're already up to the mid-90s here in sunny FL... and the heat is not so cool... :)