Monday, June 2, 2008

One Local Summer, Week 1

Well, we started the One Local Summer challenge yesterday, and I made all 3 meals of the day Sunday mostly local. This won't happen every week, but for my first week - it worked for us.

For breakfast we had:
Sausage, egg and mushroom breakfast skillet with homemade bread toasted with strawberry jam.
Sausage - 0 miles - our pig out of our freezer (originally brought from a farmer within 15 miles of us)
Eggs - 1 mile - Amish
Morrel mushrooms - our woods - leftover from our last mushroom hunting expedition
butter, salt & pepper - ???
bread - local flour and honey - not so sure about the butter, milk and yeast
strawberry jam - last year's jam out of our garden

For lunch it was:
Grilled chicken salad
Lettuce - 1 mile - Amish neighbor
boneless, skinless Chicken breasts - 1 mile - Amish neighbor - grilled on grill
cheese - Local bulk food store - 14 miles - they assured me 100% it is local Mennonite made cheese
Ranch salad dressing - ???

For dinner it was:
Steak salad
Leftover lettuce from lunch - 1 mile - Amish neighbor
Ribeye Steak - 0 miles - our steer from last year - our freezer - grilled on grill with seasoning salt
French fries - 15 miles - local potato farmer
croutons - 0 miles - from previous loaves of bread I have made
green onions - 1 mile - Amish neighbor
cheese - Local bulk food store - 14 miles - they assured me 100% it is local Mennonite made cheese
Ranch and Catalina salad dressing - ???
salt & pepper???

So I think I did okay. I would like to figure out a way to do my own dressings, but I think those would be a little hard to do totally local. My Amish neighbor is liking me as a customer - I'm stopping later on this week for another chicken (whole this time for this Sunday's dinner), 10 lbs. of rhubarb and whatever else he has available.
Unfortunately I only remembered to take a picture of dinner. I'll try and do better next week.


Debbie said...

Three local meals in one day? Way to go! It sounds great, too.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful start to this years OLS. Great job Kris!

sugarcreekfarm said...

Wow, you rocked the local eating! It all sounds yummy. I'd like to do my own dressings, too. I can't get local dairy, but at least we'd get away from additives and preservatives we don't need. Just need to find recipes I like as well as the storebought stuff.